Zerging Free IO Games…

We zerged the best io games like agar.io, diep.io and zombs.io, then they got worse each time…

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Io-games typically refer to real-time multiplayer browser games, which became popular with the release of Agar.io. In comparison to the smartphone and computer games of the day, it had basic gameplay and graphics.

Title: The Worst CSGO Zerg ever…

#enardo #zerg #freegames


  1. Zerg the Steam game Nomad, it got horrible reviews and it a Rust copy. Would be hilarious if you zerged it.

  2. Should have played krunker.io. It's got the 5-year-old toxic player base, scuffed gameplay, and a surplus of community maps. I'm really disappointed to say this but I sunk almost 2 years of my life into making assets and maps for this game. Hell, I made the main crossbow model, never got paid for it, or no credit whatsoever. I'm sure you would have gotten great content from a game that worries more about finding children to design cheap weapon skins rather than anti-cheat or bug fixes. You really missed out on some "quality" content. Great Video tho!

  3. the king of zergs are back with a more idiotic idea

  4. all the kids playing on their school chrome books lmaoo

  5. This is the best 10mins I've ever wasted

  6. #zerg a game called devast.io is like rust but with ghouls and diff stuff like laser guns extremely addicting instead of 8 clans its 9

  7. Zerge hola riech or the new one (sorry if I missed spelled:/)

  8. Ernardo. Make a video with spiffing Brit. The ultimate untouchable zerg.

  9. I haven’t played moomoo In YEARS. It was fun tho

  10. I'm concerned that Enardo is going to take over the whole internet soon.

  11. Enardo try last island of survival unknown 15 days it's kinda like rust but mobile

  12. MooMoo Io is best game ever
    Diep Io is og one

  13. Enardo is the guy that everyone dreams of as a gamebuddy

  14. the last clip is biggest ernando fans ngl

  15. Jesus died and rose for you, believe onto Him for salvation know you stand comdemed and be saved. 🙂

  16. I was here for this

    Also, I love how as the video goes on, the games get progressively worse.

  17. لااله الاالله محمد رسول الله

  18. When he said tank trouble my mind unlocked locked memories 🥲

  19. Diep io zerg looked like he made a new multi cellular organism

  20. this is on my birthday thank you enardo for posting on this day

  21. Enardo try sterve io it is a game like rust

  22. Enardo is secretly advertising games 🤫

  23. One of your best videos, you bitch… My friend Enardo!

  24. he cauht a crappie becuase the game is crap

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