Yohoho.io – 4-Player (MAX LVL) Pirate io game | JeromeASF

Today we play Yohoho.io

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  1. i love your content do this challenge

    super monkey true sun god

    dark Chadian

    and the ninja monkey

    also banana farms

  2. does jerome respond? u da goat and og tho

  3. I killed the legendary Pokémon then saved after because I thought you needed to kill them and not actually catch them
    Btw it was groudon

  4. Do the food and drinks challenge:

    The plane with pineapples
    Ice monkey as ice cream
    Banana farms as bananas 🙂
    Alchemist as SODA

    Good luck

  5. Jerome! Do a minecraft minigame of your choice but, have the ending battle by boat/stair hopping. fill a big field with boats and stairs and battle. Must be sitting the whole battle, could be fun 😀

  6. Jerome can you do like 30 mins of this game it’s amazing

  7. Imma stream in five minutes
    Idk why I am telling you. 😋

  8. Can you play castle story and destroy steve

  9. Jerome watch One Piece its a pirate anime

  10. Did anyone notice that one of the characters looks like Kyogre from Pokemon?

  11. Kyogre's better are you crazy call Jerome be serious

  12. Your pet doesn't heal you when your running you have to stay still to heal

  13. Anybody else relies they were talking about IQ from rainbow six siege

  14. Somebody photoshop a rhino with a spear as a horn pls

  15. Its my bday. Can you pls reply and say happy bday?!!!

  16. If you spam click you will get more Health

  17. Vales nickname is Tex, wouldn't you say that's "texbook" aha my Monical.

  18. IQ is Thicc was referring to the operator in rainbow six: siege lmao 😂

  19. I wanna be the very best
    Like no one ever was
    To blast  them is my real test
    To blast them is my causeI will travel across the land
    Searching far and wide
    Teach victums to understand
    The power that's inside blasting! Gotta blast 'em all
    It's you and me
    I know it's my destiny
    blastmon! Oh, you're my best friend
    In a world we must defend

  20. I recommend you trying sketchful io 🙂

  21. You should do one town of salam at earlier and one later

  22. The last ship was an amazing series. It's a shame they didn't have more series

  23. Bloons Tower Defense challenge animals Druid to the bottom Quincy with Wolfpack skin on Alchemist to the middle and easily with cat skin on and 2 banana Farms

  24. For the next bloons challenge do the chimps challenge

    Normal game, but on chimps mode

  25. Hey Jerome I was thinking that you should do The Morning Vs The afternoon and the Night
    Libbey has the morning
    Vale has the afternoon
    You have the Night
    Mat has the monkey farms
    Go intill round 150

  26. Do the support challenge in btd6
    Banana farm
    Engineer monkey
    Spike factory
    Monkey village
    To round 80 good luck

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