Yohoho.io – 4-Player (MAX LVL) Pirate io game | JeromeASF

Today we play Yohoho.io

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  1. You heard it here first guys, Jerome said no more calories, meaning we would all just run out of energy to keep our bodies running. Jerome basically told everyone to starve themselves to death indirectly

  2. Fairy tail anime challenge
    Natsu- wizard monkey summon Phoenix
    Lucy- wizard monkey prince of darkness
    Grey- ice monkey super brittle or icicle impale
    Wendy- banana farm and monkey village

  3. Primal is better but groudon is weaker to kyogre

  4. I have 1 dog 1 chinchilla 1 fish 1 ball python and 5 chickens

  5. I’m uneasy until Steve agrees with something in some type of way, it’s NOT okay unless Steve agrees 😂

  6. Groudon is better with a sun team, Kyogre with a rain team. On its own, I would say Groudon as it has better coverage in OU

  7. you play with real people i killed someone that was at my school when we were both playing

  8. I just ate tide pod cereal with mercury milk, I think I’m dying help

  9. did anybodyelse see him kill slogomanify/slogoman?

  10. Jerome, the way your pet regens you is to stay in place, and have the pet fly over, which heals you.

  11. Have you guys tried the cotton candy in the roof

  12. Lol did anyone see bifflewiffles name popping up cuz he was playing bloons td

  13. Jerome: 21 kills is alot
    Me: 21 kills on laggy school internet

  14. In battle wise Groudon would be better than Kyogre because of his ability which makes it so water type moves can't be used

  15. Yo no that if u do nothing and u have an pet thet heal you

  16. Game doesnt even have real players it is just all bots

  17. im yeet boi in village
    ma high score is 34

  18. i have 25 kills in 1 game, i am done the game

  19. It looks so fun when you watch people play games, but some times they look fun but there not

  20. Cap : it really depends
    Me : nope Kyogre is better

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