Bad itch.io games are the christmas gift that keeps on giving.
Today qzeq comes at you with 70 more or less christmas-themed games… and by christmas-themed games I mean bad indie games, unfinished games and a mysterious discord.exe from the depths.

📕 Chapters:
00:00 Intro
00:49 Monki game
01:30 Don’t poo alone 2
02:16 Eminem Quest
02:56 Enraged Elves
03:38 Enter The GLOCK-Chain
04:41 Fartyball FNF
06:02 Half-Life 3
06:28 Mom’s spaghetti adventure
07:02 Mr Breast
07:33 Plitki
08:00 Rocky Ba’boa
08:33 Russian Elmo
09:15 wtf racing game
09:48 discord.exe
10:28 Outro

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  1. 2:01 that guy said اللعنة المقدسة هل أنت مثلي الجنس يا بني البقرة المقدسة أنت لست ابني أنت لست ابني اللعين

  2. Its so funny when he tries to read russian💀

  3. my great aunt and my second cousins were in the rocky movie

  4. where can i get this fake discord? asking for a friend

  5. Please say this – Башой на хой. Hello from Russia, but this words are not from Russia lol.

  6. Achh yess our favorite finn is playing shit games again

  7. R.I.P PC

    Cause of death: Installing crappy games and viruses

  8. 9:28 turns out you have downloaded an early leaked prerelease build of forza horizon 6

  9. What antivirus do you use? Has it ever actually killed your PC?

  10. The Chapter "wtf racing game" maked me luagh and die😂😅😂😂😂😅😅😅

  11. can i give you a game, you can try to play it, i made it just for you, i would be very happy

  12. wanna find image of the monkey!!!so dumb

  13. ayo why you said what the ** is this rassian guy trying to say to me im rassian btw

  14. 6:16 that actually looks like a old cracked minecraft launcher of some sort

  15. I know Russian It's Плитки or Плитка

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