Worst Scare – Jerma Itch.io Games Stream Recap

merry christmas 💃

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Originally Streamed on December 24th, 2021

00:00 – Intro
01:24 – Santa’s Cookies
02:40 – The Christmas Incident
07:40 – Slay Bells
12:48 – Night of the Consumers
20:01 – Slide in the Woods
24:16 – Freeways
26:00 – Puppet Combo Scary Tales Vol. 1
28:48 – Nun Massacre
31:09 – Everhood
36:17 – ART SQOOL
38:54 – FAITH

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  1. I love how he doesn't even hesitate to say that he is willing to snap an old man's neck, what a psycho

  2. i understand the horror and fireworks thing, i've got ADHD and i'm super sensory seeking. basically i'm always on the lookout for any kind of sensory experience, which has led me to substance abuse and self-harm. and no, this shit is not for just "funsies", i am legitiately disabled by this.

  3. I rlly needed to hear those words. Thank you jerma.

  4. Bro is built like huey emmerich from metal gear solid

  5. I've seen this complation, but rando sent me here again

  6. 30:23i actually cannot explain why "She's a KILLER! She'll KILL us if she sees us!" is so immeasurably funny

  7. cringe moment but i really needed to hear that advice as someone entering adulthood and feeling like failure even though im not even 20 yet 😭

  8. Jerma's entire firework rant and how the human mind in the modern day constantly desires stimulation through any sense of fear is true, but also really funny. Bro thought he was at a TED talk.

  9. Jerma's words at 26:26 really inspired me to do my best. It's crazy how he can be so funny, but also so inspiring

  10. santas cookies was such a disappointment, jerma resorting to these creature like reactions just shows he is not safe to be around. We need to be better about socializing extraterrestrial reptiles

  11. in my mind i thought this was a recent stream and was shocked that its from 2021

  12. 28:15 the naked women are talking about feet worship or something and then the screen suddenly cuts to black with the emergency alert sound. It was so fucking funny, but then afterwards I had to actually play Spiders which is one of the worst horror games I've ever played. The Riverside Incident, also included in scary tales vol. 1, is even worse

  13. would honestly like to see a full faith playthrough from jerma, its such a great horror game

  14. Aging streamer has a midlife breakdown while playing a video game about working at a supermarket

  15. The 26:26 scream kind of sounds like a very specific stock chicken noise, please tell me somebody else hears it

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