Worst Scare – Jerma Itch.io Games Stream Recap

merry christmas 💃

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Originally Streamed on December 24th, 2021

00:00 – Intro
01:24 – Santa’s Cookies
02:40 – The Christmas Incident
07:40 – Slay Bells
12:48 – Night of the Consumers
20:01 – Slide in the Woods
24:16 – Freeways
26:00 – Puppet Combo Scary Tales Vol. 1
28:48 – Nun Massacre
31:09 – Everhood
36:17 – ART SQOOL
38:54 – FAITH

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  1. jerma when he turns on the cam the very first time looks like my Rabbi

  2. i really appreciate you including that pep talk or whatever you call it, even if a lot of people would have left it out for not being funny. provided a bit of comfort

  3. thanks for lowering the volume! hate puppet combo's fetish for being super loud for no reason

  4. 21:40 Jerma's speech and sip of wine 😘👌 "So let's just enjoy ourselves here, right now, together…"

  5. Jerma actually looked really fuckin attractive in this one. Like dayum.

  6. I also just noticed Jerma looks scarily similar to b4nny.

  7. very late to the party, but I watched this video around xmas last year wheni it came out when I was high for the first time ever. Shit was insane

  8. Gotta admit, that scare got me too, despite the fact I was fully expecting something to jump out from behind that door.

  9. I swear jerma has literal cartoon character reactions to being scared, it's so good.

  10. Alternate jerma with glasses and slicked back hair that pulled painting tools into the bathroom with him instead of his entire pc

  11. 30:09 you can tell by how loud he screams that this was insanely loud and had to be turned WAY down in editing

  12. Jerma really does have like the most gray face in the world, like he looks like everyone and no one at the same time, it completely baffles me, his entire appearance changes with the wind

  13. Slide in the woods feels like an actual nightmare I’d have tbh

  14. Jerma985 drunk is pretty darn goofy

  15. The fact that Jerma says "itchyo" like a sane person and not "itch dot eye oh" fills my heart with satisfaction

  16. The reason he had no idea what he looked like was because his lights wouldnt turn on in his skin suit dungeon. He had to choose one at random.

  17. Night of the Consumers is… genuinely so realistic lol

  18. "Do your best"

    Yeah… if only managers and employers thought the same.
    Unfortunately, they don't. So that advice is…. not good. I've been through 5 jobs in less then a year because I was not doing things perfectly on time and like they wanted. Doing your best isn't a thing possible.

  19. unironically as a young adult going into having responsibilities like a job, rent and the like his talking about how you feel changing really helped, thank you sus face guy 🙂

  20. 26:36 
    I know the jumpscare is a couple seconds before this, but im not going to correct the time because I just saw it and I think I am going to click off this video to watch something else because I'm a wuss😅

  21. Anyone have a time stamp for the scene we're all here for?

  22. I love how on the bar, there are 2 points that have been replayed the most and they're of jerma getting crazy scared

  23. Unironically made me feel better about my deplorable life.

  24. 20:01 , ive only been watching jerma for a few months now but this absolute maniac has made me laugh countless times, hearing this was actually really nice, he really just wants the best for everyone

  25. 6:18 I mean, I get what he's saying but… stfu Jerma, get scared, boo

  26. Dudes says he’s 12-15 years older than chat but it’s mostly more like 20

  27. I know im a year late, but the christmas miracle sounds like it's using a distorted version of the silent hill 2 opener for its title screen

  28. damn it sucks that he really thought the jumpscare was the end of the game

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