Today we’re back to FlyOrDie (also known as EvoWorld.io) and it’s time to grow and evolve beyond our limits! We’re going to rise as a PHOENIX!

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EvoWorld io – formerly FlyOrDie – is a multiplayer survival game where you start out as a teeny tiny fly with the potential to grow big! Search the food you need in order to evolve into a bigger and stronger animal. Stay away from your natural enemies, as all evolutions have predators you must avoid to not become someone’s snack. Make sure to check your special ability every time you evolve, they can help you out in difficult situations!
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  1. People who are watching this in 2024👇

  2. Subscribe to Ssundee was in when he was a drowning turkey

  3. In surprised how this I'd family friendly when in the shoutouts or whatever at the end was at some time it says spider se-

    I'll not say the last word yk what I mean

  4. Blitz making no sense:

    1:10 "Bad news! Bad news! We're escaping"
    2:12 "I've got seagull-ing to do!"
    2:14 "Oh delicious fish get in my belly hole"
    4:16 "Ohh, but now the snowy owl gets to eat cats" Blitz being an Eagle
    9:24 "Aww… i feel bad for that little red bird" proceeds to eat it
    10:37 "Not to mention its a lot of fun because these caves are dark and scary"
    11:34 "Where'd you go?" 2 Seconds earlier: xp pop up pops up
    12:17 "Your gonna "burnonate" "
    15:03 "Whatever this is…happy…feet" Blitz being a cosmic angry eye
    15:45 "I can only eat a mummy" hovers over a zombie
    16:40 "Haha! oh? you want the turns to table now huh?"

    Blitz without context:

    6:26 "I'm gonna follow you and eat your legs!"
    6:59 "Like in real life i would eat a mammoth"
    9:41 "Should i just…eat…poop?"
    10:02 " Oooo…delicious rocks… "
    10:46 "Yay more lava drinking!"
    11:39 "Is there anything dangerous like giant spiders for me to set on fire in here?"
    16:58 "And now i'm literally being stalked"

  5. compared to a fly a dragon fly is a dragon right?

  6. I have a question are you and drae linked cause yall always be posting a5 the same time

  7. The thumbnail looks like the gnat from grounded

  8. blitz ive actually been here since the beginning of when you started tabs i still am here and have watched every single video you have posted in these years

  9. This is the longest comment blitz


    This is the end

  10. also petition to get blitz phd if he doesnt have already so we can call him dr blitz

  11. Blitz thank you for making my day! I love your content and are so interactive with your viewers (you hearted two different comments of mine and other peoples comments you heart and read all the time) and I just wanted to say thanks!!!

  12. I am really hyping up when i watch your FlyOrDie videos but everytime messing it up and ragequiting. You are the best, love you.

  13. Can I have free merch and tell Chris the. Same thing and ctop

  14. Love ur content…lots of love from🇮🇳♥️

  15. Man I have not seen anyone play fly or die in for ever. I didn't even know this game was still around. LOL

  16. I used watch your old vids when you played thiss big supporter

  17. Can you please remove the random voice filters from video like wow, aww and others it's far better with out those voices thank you, it's so annoying
    It's why I unsubscribed from Baron

  18. blitz + Uploading x Games that take up too much of his time = Happiness for thousands of people across the internet

  19. If you evolve 45 time times, shouldn’t you be a level 46 instead of a level 999?

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