What Makes .IO Games Good?

It’s so intriguing, it’s so simple, and yet, I can’t help myself but to keep playing. Where did these come from? How did these get so popular? What makes them so good?

Comment below your favourite .io games and why!

I won’t link to the games, but if you type them right into your browser, you’re good to go!

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  1. I loved this game called cursor.io, it was popular for like a day but I played it at that point and it was hilarious being a "progression" system where you want to move forward but the game has the classic "one player must stay behind/ work together" mechanics and it was HILARIOUS, people waiting at the door spelling messages like, DO IT

  2. I think the pronunciation changes depending on the game (what rolls of the tongue best)

  3. If it’s a mobile app (or has a mobile counterpart) it’s usually full of bots. You can tell because you can still play if you turn off data & wifi

  4. I always felt like hole.io is a rip on donut county. The donut county team has also said that they were frustrated by this game

  5. you can actually beat paper.io! you do have to get 100% of the whole board, which takes forever, but it is doable

  6. Hey you're wrong the a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h,j,k,l,m,n,p,q,r,s,t,u,v,w,x,y and z in io is silent!

    Yes I actually did all that work just to joke about every letter except for I and O being silent in "io."

  7. Am i the only one who feels line god when he kills the one who circles you without help from outside in slither.io?

  8. 9:46 @realityescape, you don't need to grind, you can just hold down K

  9. God, I remember playing Krunker using a trackpad and it was super fun. Kinda wish I could do that now but my current device kinda sucks.

  10. are you serious? man… that's dedication, but if you press and hold K in the sandbox, the game gives you XP instantly and O to kill urself

  11. In Diep.io in the sandbox mode, you can hold "K" to level up immediately. Or so I've heard.

  12. playing zombs on the school computer with the boys for hours at a time… then leaving and lose your progress… good times

  13. Yep, I have always pronounced it dot eye oh

  14. If you're Canadian you have to use the Canada snake atleast ONCE

  15. 9:47 Press K to level up almost instantly. Use backslash to change tanks (so you can be a level 45 class when you're at level 1). Use O to instantly kill yourself and semicolon to activate god mode.

  16. I am looking through your vids and really enjoying all of them; thank u for the great content !

  17. Tetrio is by far the best tetris game available online

  18. I remember playing these games so much as a kid

  19. im 12 and i used to play babledes or whatever they were called with my brothers,. fun game

  20. I always thought in agar.io you were a cell moving around in a petri dish with agar (like a sugary gel that certain bacteria can eat, as I understand it) trying to survive and become the biggest.

  21. I'm an experienced krunker player (since 2019) and the biggest problem are hackers. Just hitting every shot and insta killing you from the other side of the map

  22. io or I/O is a widely used term in programming which means Input/Output so it's fitting to use in tech websites even tho officially .io mean a different thing

  23. i think saying the induvisual characters is pretty based. what i do

  24. Great video though I think the beginning was a bit tedious

  25. .IO is often used by tech companies because "IO" may refer to "Input/Output" as in BIOS (Basic Input/Output System)

  26. there was a .IO game that i really liked playing before but i can't remember what it was called. it was a simple game where some people spawn into a world, and after a bit a few get mutated into zombies. you could push stuff around and there were also upgrades you could buy like baseball bats and pills that made you less likely to turn into a zombie. i really want to play this game again and would appreciate someone telling me what it's name was and where to find it.

  27. Btw hexar.io is fake. It works offline. If it doesn't have a party mode, it's probably fake.

  28. 9:59 there is a way to get XP instantly in sandbox without grinding

  29. When I used to play Slither.io day in and day out, I was once got a score of 44966 and I haven't forgotten it to this day.

  30. You can tell if their fake just by their names 😂

  31. 10:16 bro just press k or l i dddont rlly remember k/l max upgrade you sso yeah

  32. 0:10 it depends on language and accent so all are right

  33. very late, but i agree with the “i o” pronunciation. it’s an acronym, after all, either for indian ocean or input/output depending on context.

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