What 2000 FPS Feels Like In Public Krunker.io Games

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The slide control makes it feel like 2000 fps i think it is capped at that so i didnt make the title 6000 fps lmao.

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  1. Well your not playing at 2000 your play at 1200 fps cause that the fps cap on krunker

  2. Dude imagine having 2k fps i just got 100 xD

  3. Pls tell me how thiss REEEE Spray is called

  4. Did you make your own scope if you made it your own can you show how to make a scope

  5. are you aussie? cuz if u r, i would be suprised. bc dont all australians swear like every 2 seconds? eg, mosswi, lazarbeam etc. LULW

  6. Hahaha i was in your lobby Im Rezzys47 it was my First round today and im in your Lobby 😋 and all the time when i kill you you cute it away, and on 3.58 you see how i slidehop so fast and i kill you and your cute This when i kill you 😩 one time only on 4.07 Good Video 👍


  8. i know how annoying this is but i make krunker montages too 🙂

  9. bruh I normally play on 60 and below fps….. cuz play on a Chromebook lol but I'm pretty good

  10. who used to watch him 3 years ago to hack roblox so you go through walls tell me its not only me

  11. my dad just took my laptop and i was going to get a gud one but he gave it to my brother now i have a shit acer laptop that dont even gives 60fps lags so i take a break from krunker

  12. can you help me reach my dream by subscribing plz

  13. can you help me reach my dream by subscribing plz

  14. Well i mean your eyes can’t see past like 200 so it probably doesn’t feel very different

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