Top Rarest Shapes in (*EXTREME*)

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– Legendary pentagon footage: The Great O’Chunks
– Shadow pentagon footage: AstRatJP
– Rainbow Beta-Pentagon: SpanksMcYeet (aka the dev)



*disclaimer: some shape rarities needed to be calculated by me through playing arras and counting and dividing shapes, hence a safe assumption would be to take it as merely a rough figure. Accurate rarity stats should only be referred to from official sites.

– Majority: just copy paste from wiki fandom

– Deleted Shapes: I take their pre-delete rarity X2 – X5 (since i think arras will last at least double more of the years since its creation + take shape size & sightings to tweak actual seeable rarity)

– Dev Spawned Shapes: this depends on the devs mood, it’s un-calculable. The only way that makes some sense is to included an likely chance and an unlikely chance of rarity to infinity

– Unknown Undocumented Shapes: “unknown undocumented” sounds cool so i just named it that. But since no info of their rarity is stated officially as of FEB 2023, their rarity could theoretically range from the lowest to the highest – but it’s likely around the high range


video format inspired by mr slav


0:00 Wut?!
0:40 Egg
0:55 Square
1:14 Triangle
1:28 Pentagon
1:46 Beta pentagon
2:20 Alpha pentagon
3:22 Green/shiny shapes
4:05 Gem
4:31 Legendary shapes
5:35 Shadow shapes
6:40 Jewel
7:41 Rainbow shapes
9:07 Trans-gender shapes
9:27 Platonic polyhedra
10:30 Epilepsy
11:18 Albino
12:27 “Shadow Shapes Swarm”
12:51 “Giant Rainbow Egg Swarm”
13:21 “Giant Black Giga Pentagon”
14:53 Artificially grown shapes
15:44 Hexagon
16:01 Octagon
16:16 Giant White Nonagon
16:48 Take it all in
17:50 Final Comparison


  1. it makes sense that egg doesnt have 0 health, if they've would spawn with 0 health.. it would instantly die automatically. so its why an egg has a freakishly low health instead of 0.

    yes im somewhat smart

  2. what is the first music that played in the shapes from god?

  3. how long it takes to kill a giant black giga pentagon
    60 secs of chaos =<0.1% health repruduction
    60 × 1,000 = 60,000
    it takes 60,000 secs to kill a giant black giga pentagon
    or 1,000 mins or 1️⃣7️⃣ hours or <0.0️⃣0️⃣2️⃣ YEARS

  4. This man WHOEVER made this video is a real one. This is so interesting and never fails to amaze me on how there are so many cool shaped and stuff

  5. Hey stuff can be spawned and spotted but fat greedy players kill them instantly

  6. do anyone see the developer on the giga black pentagon?

  7. I think giant white nonagons are albino's.

  8. 13:28 in sandbox mode you can give yourself more xp than the black alpha pentagon's xp showed in the timestamp.

  9. 8:18 rainbow alpha seems to be the strongest shape if it has hp regeneration it could even be stronger than black shape

  10. 8:15 this is probably what the medicare branch in old dreadnoughts were like with max hp body damage shield capacity and shield regen but that old dreadnoughts branch was removed

  11. I just yesterday killed trans-gender alpha pentagon😅 and i got 200 level automaticaly

  12. Shadow alpha pentagon have 5 million but it gives you less than 1 million

  13. Imagine There Was A Giant Black Giga Dodecagon

  14. Never even played the game. But after watching this video, it inspired me to play it. Epic Vid

  15. No legendary pentagon rarity is 2000000 not 1000000

  16. maybe dev just became a black tank the upgraded to a rainbow alpha pentagon generator then feeded it to 1b cos of pressing `n

  17. i've encountered and killed an beta shadow pentagon and 4 gems the same day also i encountered a rainbow square

  18. Music name for shadow shapes and jewel?

  19. I got a photo of me killing a legendary alpha pentagon in old dreadnought

  20. A fact about me: i got four platinics (old dreads) but i ive only seen one rainbow(alpha) and two trans(alpha

  21. (WARNING: I AM NEW, ANYTHING I SAY COULD BE REALLY STUPID) Hexagon, octagon, ans nonagon are common in old dreadnoughts

    The community: No >:)

  23. Someone plz tell me, I found and killed a giant hexagon. It had armorlike sides and had little health. I gained around 15 million from it. I'd say maybe 5 annihilation bullets could kill it. Then I died because of a moving red square instantly 😊

  24. I just realize i saw epilepsy pentagon (alpha)………..

  25. I saw two shadow alpha pentagons and two gems today! (old dreadnoughts maze)

  26. i got a shadow pentagon just today earlier

  27. Fucking god 💩💩💩💩💩💩

  28. Fucking video is 💩💩💩💩 ing in the fucking god 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩

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