Top 5 FREE Battle Royale Games (.io Edition)

Play the top 5 .io Battle Royale games:

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  1. For me

    1_surviv io

    2_builders io

    3_zombsroyale io

  2. Who agrees that zombs royale is way better then surviv

  3. None of thig gamnes is working on my PC.. wtf? And im able to Play R6 on highest graphics. Cant even click annything when im in those browsers

  4. Where is super animal Royale….oh wait no one know about the game and it's no a io

  5. WAT Name of game in 4 position? ??

  6. i like that the only game he didnt win was zombs royale but its the only game out of these i can

  7. I Will Say Zombs Royale Is The Best Game Tho Who Agrees?

  8. surviv io is worst game i omly like build io n zombs royale io

  9. battlelands is better than all of the game together

  10. so you youtubers that kill me in moomoo


  12. In ZR ur not slow you just need to hold ur melee to go way faster!

  13. I have been playing ZR since pubg ban and its nice game 🙂

  14. Surviv needs to fix the mobile lag issuessssssss

  15. Dude u forgot miniroyale 2…one of the best

  16. ZR lets go my man gave it 2nd

  17. How can you Play build royale i can Not Go

  18. Can u find a 2d game like fortnite for mobile cuz build royale is so laggy in my mobile

  19. I remember this season hasn't been any new updates miss the old season

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