Top 10 Free Horror Games on You DON’T Know About

Top 10 Free Horror Games on You DON’T Know About
There’s so many amazing short and sweet horror games on so I decided to make a video on the Top 10 Free Horror Games on You DON’T Know About. As always the games are in no particular order.
This video is part of a series where I find some of the best free games on you DON’T know about. This video, and series, is for anyone who wants to play some good free games without sifting through all the trash. I try to convey my unbiased opinion on every game as I’ve never played or heard of any of them before doing my research. If you ended up getting any of these games, let me know down in the comments.
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Top 5 Free Horror Games on Steam You DON’T Know About Part 1:

Top 5 Free Horror Games on Steam You DON’T Know About Part 2:

Free Games You DON’T Know About Playlist:


Game 10: Slendertubbies

Game 9: Alan Pest Control

Game 8: Butcher Valley

Game 7: Burger & Frights

Game 6: Death Flush

Game 5: Caught on Tape

Game 4: The Keeper

Game 3: The Maze

Game 2: Slide in the woods

Game 1: Okiku

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  1. I'll be sure to check these out! Thanks so much!

  2. you really need to stop spoiling the endings to these games, their short enough and makes me not even want to play it

  3. II will definitely partake in these games. Love first person shooter games 🀘🏾πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

  4. Yea, thanks for the recommendation, keep it up πŸ™‹

  5. i downloaded slide in the woods but its just a file i dont have a desktop shortcut to open it

  6. Really appreciated this list! thank you!

  7. Most of the games sound really fun so im gonna download most of them now (edit) btw can you make an top 10 arg games video?

  8. I noticed you used the layers of fear soundtrack at one point πŸ™‚

  9. on my gaming channel I play horror games a lot so this list really helped me out! Thanks!

  10. I can't remember the name of this game but it is about the browser extension clippy and it is a retro horror game where you make your own game inside of it. If anyone knows the name it would be much appreciated and I know it is very vague.

  11. Why do you sound like your in utter pain?

  12. bro i,m begging you please do not jumpscare

  13. you sound like daily dose of internet in a way

  14. Damnnnnn I am not gonna eat burgers any time soon but that plot twist in the end was epic fr thanks for giving this game

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