THIS GAME IS TORTURE!!!! | DIEP.IO | Fan Choice Friday

This week, you’ve chosen DIEP.IO for Fan Choice Friday! is another of the browser-based multiplayer games like and, except is much more complicated with tanks and tons of different upgrades… AND IT MAKES ME RAGGGGEEEEE!!!!!!!

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  1. think noodles if you want I can help you play this game because if you pro you will love this game . also dont go forward when attacking because what if the player is rammer and when the spin 4 friend guy did that thing to you that means he wants to be friends also max penatration also im ten year old boy

  2. ignore the first upgrade then reach lv 30 then you will become
    the smasher witch needs body damage

  3. I know how hard it is to play that game. And I hope you and your dog is okay

  4. A Lot of people like to be mean to youtubers. That is why everybody is rude to you.

  5. My dad said I could do my thing and buy robux vbucks all of that when I'm in 8th grade and have my own credit card. Welp 2 years until I can sponsor thinks channel lol.

  6. In games i hate when people kill other people for no reason.

  7. I'm sorry think you stink 😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑

  8. Dude your so bad your saying you hate the game but your just bad it's not the game it's you. And it's much better than agario and slitherio and why are you raging?

  9. I think you’re really good I never get a win on that game

  10. Think you have to play team deathmatch it is so much easier


  12. Your noob i am 100000000000000% a master your just killing all you need too always move and shoot and last you need to get a combo ok

  13. Perplexed will a blister rate eny win the see

  14. That game is absouloutly annoying and for freaking rude ppl and do be trash to

  15. Thinknoodles gets killed and thinknoodles is like nooo why r u soo mean stop stop when thinknoodles kills someone else the guy he killed is like nooo your soo mean get away please stop stop

  16. practice and watch some vids and see the best tanks K and know languages of diep io then i think then ur lil better not get so frusterated k bc i wanna see a series of this!

  17. If you don't like the game i hate you too, no offense btw upgrade your health more so you have more hit points (meaning you won't die easily)

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