The Next Game – (500M Score)

Here lies another inspired .io game: Rather new, and you can play as a celestial once you reach level 60 in game, something which may actually be really good for the game if done correctly. With a bunch of new upgrades and different ideas, this could go somewhere.

This marks the 4th .io game inspired by

0:00 Part 1
8:59 Part 2


Music from Epidemic Sound ()


  1. Hi i founded you my name was Ip Leaker
    I was joking that i leak ips lol
    Others took serious

  2. I sure hope I will find this in the iOS and Android App Store.

  3. I can't comprehend everything that happened in this video……

  4. How do you get to celestial?? do you kill a celestial?

  5. i reach fanally a celestial and lvl100
    score 553m 🙂

  6. Agar io players when the dev suddenly shows up:-
    'Momma…. I'm home again'

  7. 10 QUINTILLION???????????’..’’’’ SCORE

  8. Why does everyone in that game is pretending to be him that is so rude if I was a you tuber last like I'm a youtuber and someone is trying to pretend to be me I will band them out and kick them down to there leg 😏And I'm a strong kid 😊Also be nice to me or I will tell my mommy or daddy and don't mess with my brother because I'm 10 he's 5 so bye

  9. I think when you made this vid Amalgam was the most op tower, now it is hybrid

  10. HOW RUDE RED GUY CHEATER🤬🤬🤬😤😡😡😡😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  11. If It's the real cx we can understand by his silence

  12. Beginning: "are you really corrupt x?"
    Me raging and screaming for you to answer him and say that you are recording

  13. "such huge pentagons, its crazy" inaccurate they are dodecagons and tridecagons

  14. The Magic its Custom pentagons!

  15. Nigga really called an octagon a ‘large pentagon’ 💀

  16. There is a YouTuber named festival he reached 1B in these game

  17. Getting 10 Quintillion in main is impossible but it will be possible with radiant Tanks(so sad, radiant Tanks doesn't exist anymore).

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