The History of .IO Games (2015-2018)

The history of .IO games! A quick synopsis from their first burst of popularity in 2015 until 2018. Notable mentions in terms of games:,,,,,,, all of which are included. Oh, and with a visual comedic twist of course.

autumn keys – l u v t e a [acoustic]
Aryll Fae – Where Are We?

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  2. Septus I just want to tell you that I’m so happy that your channel exists because my life is boring and your videos are one of the only things that keep surprising me and inspired me to become a YouTuber so thank you

  3. I can remember when had just come out and my school had to block it on every single school computer because kids would play while they were pretending to work.

  4. @Septus, quick question. What country do you live in, and on what servers do you play

  5. Slither got more views on YouTube and got more players, Diep had more players at a time, but Agar had the longest reign and the most famous people playing them.

  6. Surviv, Mope, and MooMoo are way more complex and have more things to do than the Big 3, but they weren’t the first IO games. But in all honestly they deserve way more popularity

  7. Septus. You are the best player(or at least the youngest and funniest). I recommend just doing There is already enough fortnite YouTubers but not enough survivio YouTubers.

  8. he said that surviv was like fortnite. bra pubg man

  9. Like if you start playing agario in 2015
    I miss those old times 🙁

  10. i killed u yesterday in surviv lol

    [GT] ashtonjrob is me lol

  11. Haha Nice video! Kep on making these types of videos up. Like comedy and etc

  12. i think you missed a lot about the games in this video, but it sums it up pretty well

  13. My dad told me to watch a documentary… This is why I'm in bed at 5:30 PM. I DONT EVEN KNOW WHY!!THIS IS A DOCUMENTARY!

  14. Septus were you playing surviv last school year? I was

  15. was terrible. I tell you guys, the io games of 2015 really sucked! The ones in 2018 are slightly better because they are more fair.

  16. I remember Agar and Slither. Diep is great.

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