The East Africa Spawn Territorial IO

12 Hour Clan Wars 5/6 9:30am Pacific- 9:30pm pacific

10,500 Clan Wars 5/13 9:30am Pacific

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Territorial IO is a free game on PC and mobile. Hope to see you on the battlefield!


  1. I was happy to have played a game with you recently and have been spawned in next to you, but we were badly placed and it went bad for us. [Void]No Data.

    Hope to see you out there again and join you in a more successful match.

  2. X < CORGI. Both on the leaderboard AND in this episode.

  3. Sad when Corgi doesn't play for Corgis during team matches

  4. Fire video also please be careful during driving stream cause u might crash so hard in the sim you could hurt urself

  5. Holy f what was that last game??? XD
    I can't believe that yellow player full sent the red team. Biggest throw I've ever seen.

  6. Day 16 of not having anything to say but leaving a comment to help the algorithm

  7. I really love your videos. I've been watching your daily uploads during breakfast every day for weeks and its always a part of my day I look forward to and enjoy.

  8. That second game has to be scripted. So clutch!

  9. [X]>corgi has 2 chances(korea and 407) two become so large in charge , but he missed the opporunities due to some anger issue with you. 😅😅 Well actually this vedio proves, [X]<Corgi😆😆

  10. corgi!! just now, less than 5 mins ago…. i played a game of territorial.. decided to play in the white arena ). as it was kind of a long game i started with my regular expansion, (that i learned from u lol) the ol 20 20 40 40 50 50. it suited me well, and also i accidently random spawned next to a void player. real close. i had weak neighbours (as most ppl r in the white arena). i had a weak red neighbour, black and bots i think. the void started attacking me, as i was the crown. then teamcarrier or smth (that was his name). after i took down the void with the black player to the south (he was strong) there was 3 powers. me, the black guy, and the magenta player (there were a few bots, 1 weak and 2 strong magenta players. the second magenta player kept asking me to attack the black player when i was still taking down red with teammate and the other magenta player. then, i asked him to attack black player and we took black player down. then the first magenta player started to attack my great great teammate. i told him to shield (also learned shielding is better than attacking from u) and he gave me the like. he didnt attack once and held the line. the second magenta player joined in on attacking my great teammate. however, i was able to attack him. they UNFORTUNATELY enough took down my teammate (gone but never forgotten) R.I.P. then first magenta player started to donate to his teammate, however not efficiently. he just full donated. i attacked and attacked and attacked. and got borders on the weak. i took him down, gave 1-2 attacks to the second magenta player and he gave me the claps, i did the same. as i won, i saw my great teammate leave after i won, luckily not right after he died. literally the only reason i decided to comment is bc of my teammate. (and while ive had many of theese teammates, this one was special to me, and played a little better with other good sorry i explained in such detail, but im used to it ever since i learned to talk. the game b4 that, (i wont explain it im lazy) so long story short, there were once again 3 powers, as i took one of em down with the other and my teammate donating, i was abt to take the whole black team down as they were never my friend (even though truce) they peaced out. i still will never forget that teammate until i quit territorial <3

  11. Nice game! just wanna clarify that when you said "attacking isnt based on what you send, but how much land u have" you meant the SPEED of the attack, not the duration. a longer attack happens when more troops are sent, but does not affect the speed

  12. I never play team games, because they often end up only being marginally about teamwork, and overwhelmingly about trying to capture your own unintelligent teammates behind your borders to make sure they and their 1,500 thousand troops don't get completely rolled by someone on another team with 2.5 million.


  14. How many games do you have to play to get all your wins on recording?

  15. second match was great, heaviest carry i've ever seen

  16. Fun team matches. Its also cool when a team takes like 80% of the board early but still falls in the end.

  17. X Corgi not attacking "Korea" in North America was insane – easy downfall after that.

  18. What was …. Doing? His troops kept dropping to 0 but I didn’t see anyone receiving his donations?

  19. 18:12
    It might surprise you, but player ',,..' didn't donate to you once. For the whole game he was just fullsending boats to cunquer islands from bots xD

  20. I think that one yellow player was helping you, it make no sense to do a full send in the way that player did.. or .. you have a horseshoe up a place the sun aint shinin' plus some pretty good play.🎉 p.s. has your driving improved yet?


  22. In the second match the play would have been to allow the yellow bot to take out your fullsending teammates and only take it out, once it is done. Your teammates were completely useless and sacrificing them would leave you with the crown and a huge advantage.

    Still it worked out in the end due to luck.

  23. 11:19 for small attacks like this you can put the bar at 0 and it still sends and works really well when your really big taking out a smaller player anyways see ya in the next one

  24. Some really strange behavior from everyone except you in that second game lol

  25. Man i almost watched every single of your videos and i can't even get bored while doing it


    Yo corgi how😊 do u always come up with creative titles for your videos

  27. I am back and I still love these videos man keep it up 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼🤯🤯🤯🤯👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  28. I scream for me eating Ice cream 🍧🍧🍨🍨❄❄❄❄❄❄

  29. also the pronunciation of Caucasia is Kas a shi a

  30. I edited this so you will never know what it said before

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