The Browser FPS Games Tier List (.io Games – No Download)

The BEST Browser FPS Games to play in 2021, ranked from best to worst (all no download games). The updated list, featuring the best (and worst) browser fps games that you can play in 2021.
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Today I will be showing you guys the ultimate browser FPS tier list, ranking EVERY (well most) browser FPS from S tier to F tier. Have you ever wondering what I think about browser FPS games in 2021, well watch this video and find out. Not only Krunker, but also Venge, Forward Assault Remix, Shellshockers and more, all no download first person shooter games that are worth checking out.

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Title: The Browser FPS Tier List (.io Games – No Download)

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Games featured in this video:

Global Strike got skipped over because it got shut down after recording lol. –

Bullet Party 2 –

Doom –

Ev –

Forward Assault Remix –

Bullet Force –

Crazy Pixel Apocalypse –

CS Online Club –

Realistic Zombie Survival Warfare –

Wolf 3D –

Merc Zone –

Minecraft Classic –

Mini Royale 2 –

Polyblicky –

Quake JS –

Raid Land –

Rebel Forces –

Repuls –

Rush Team –

Shellshockers –

Superhot –

Venge –

Vertix –

Voxium –

War Attack –

Warbrokers –

Warmerise –


  1. Is anyone else COMPLETELY unable to play games like Rush team or Polyblicly?like, the site just will not load.

  2. Bro takes yapping to another level.

  3. No cap but krunker is like arsenal but you choose your mode

  4. My man should have gave S Tear or atleast the B Tear to Bullet force. As a guy who played 80% of all of those games and still plays, bullet force might be one of the best or the best game in this list. Krunker might be at the first place but bullet force should be atleast 2nd. Also, forward assault is far different game then bullet force. Forward assault is like CSGO or Valorant and bullet force is like battlefield or call of duty. But overall you did a fantastic tier list


  6. Do any one of these games have controller support

  7. mini royale 2 got reworked and well, its trash, it looks like fortnite, super laggy, and not even fun anymore

  8. krunker is the most unbalanced game ever waaaay to much speed

  9. bro '- why everyone is talking so much about krunker; this game is FULL of hackers

  10. link to raid land brings me to shellshockers dont know why tho?

  11. The title of the video says "browser fps games" in it.
    Minecraft Classic is in the first person, yes, but it is not by any means a shooter of any sort.

    At this point, rename the video to "The Browser First Person Games Tier List", because that's what you're getting watching the video. Sure, most are browser games, but Minecraft is not a shooter.

  12. 24:50Did you know that you can change other special weapons in the main menu?

  13. lol i am actually first only comment here btw

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  15. Woke up but now Im ready so start my day with you

  16. Try using OperaGX it's a browser designed for gaming!

  17. 35:10 is Krunker
    Thx for your great content, you helped out a lot of people <3
    Video idea: Tier list of the Krunker Maps

  18. Hey Undercoverdudes The Gameloop Call Of Duty Video Is Kinda Helpful I Can Play pubg And Call Of Duty And Imposter Among Us

  19. ill edit when i think of an original comment

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