The Best Games from GMTK Game Jam 2023

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The GMTK Game Jam for 2023 was – once again! – our biggest yet. In this video, Mark runs down his 20 favourite games, from a jam where every game fit the theme “Roles Reversed”.

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=== Winning Games ===

00:00 – Intro
01:20 – Princess Paladin –
02:10 – LedgePainter –
02:53 – Bready or not… –
03:49 – Inside Job –
04:23 – Sneakerdoodle –
04:55 – Bricker Breaks Free –
05:52 – VERSUS SNAKE –
06:21 – Descriptionary –
06:53 – Last Piece Standing –
07:27 – Get Packing –
08:06 – Crabjuice –
08:42 – Walkies –
09:19 – One Day Better –
10:07 – UVSU –
10:49 – Reversal Rooms –
11:08 – RAGDOLF –
11:40 – Pause to Play –
12:22 – Making the Game –
13:11 – Our Dearest Player –
13:32 – Streamer Screamer –
14:15 – Honourable Mentions

=== Credits ===

Music provided by Epidemic Sound – (Referral Link)

=== Subtitles ===

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  1. UVSU design got me goosebumps! Wow! It reminded me of the story of Prince of Persia: Warrior Within, except UVSU does it in actual gameplay.

  2. May you consider the topic of #SaveSoil for a future game jam theme? Since healthy soil ensures food, nutrition, livelihood, biodiversity, avoids wars, forced migrations, droughts and floods, it is sure to be a great source for inspiration!🙏🌱

  3. This is incredible. I can't believe how talented people can be!

  4. 4:56 is pretty clever especially with the "I gotta get outta here!" 😂

  5. wow when you say "subscribe to this channel" the sub button glows

  6. it would be so cool to see what accessible games are produced in a game jam style event, maybe with a bit longer to do it but I’m curious when the theme is being able to be accessed by a wide range of people, I could see some really cool audio games being made, as you wouldn’t have to worry, much about art

  7. Absolutely love these contest, one day I hope to contend in one. Amazing content keep it up 😅

  8. I'm currently 10 days into my dev journey – I have followed along with a couple tutorials, but I'm mostly just learning as much as possible about the indie dev community. Almost all the advice I've found says just start and complete a project ASAP. These game jam videos have helped me see what can be created in almost no time. I absolutely see the value of creating basic and janky prototypes ASAP rather than trudging through tutorial hell for 6 months. Thanks for the great roundup and game jam showcase. It really helps me more than you might think!

  9. Did Sam hogan even compete for GMTK 2023?

  10. My god. The creativity of people is utterly limitless. These ideas are just fantastic.

  11. super late to this but the streamer screamer game doesn't open just opens several background instances in task manager 🙁 shame i really wanted to try it

  12. I wonder if gamejams have grown so much that we might need different categories like: beginner, intermediate, pro. Because some of these games are just insanely good for a gamejam entry.

  13. it halirious that you crash the servers every year.

  14. My god, the creativity is amazing! 🥰🤗

  15. So amazed to see how games like this are made in a weekend and big studious cant crack in years THE FACT IS FUN

  16. The idea of Slenderman stream sniping you is killing me LMAO

  17. Every time I watch the new GMTK game jam, I'm always fascinated with all the games shown.

    People who made them are insanely creative and passionate! If I'm a publisher, I'll just pick all of them in this list and help them publish their games lol

    Great video as always!

  18. "One Day Better" FOR DA WIN!!! WHAT THE HELL it's the best indie game i've seen for a long time now

  19. There were many incredibly creative and interesting titles here, but One Day Better simply breaks my heart. A game funding company should really take a look through this video

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