The Best Games from GMTK Game Jam 2023

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The GMTK Game Jam for 2023 was – once again! – our biggest yet. In this video, Mark runs down his 20 favourite games, from a jam where every game fit the theme “Roles Reversed”.

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=== Winning Games ===

00:00 – Intro
01:20 – Princess Paladin –
02:10 – LedgePainter –
02:53 – Bready or not… –
03:49 – Inside Job –
04:23 – Sneakerdoodle –
04:55 – Bricker Breaks Free –
05:52 – VERSUS SNAKE –
06:21 – Descriptionary –
06:53 – Last Piece Standing –
07:27 – Get Packing –
08:06 – Crabjuice –
08:42 – Walkies –
09:19 – One Day Better –
10:07 – UVSU –
10:49 – Reversal Rooms –
11:08 – RAGDOLF –
11:40 – Pause to Play –
12:22 – Making the Game –
13:11 – Our Dearest Player –
13:32 – Streamer Screamer –
14:15 – Honourable Mentions

=== Credits ===

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=== Subtitles ===

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  1. Im trying to start game developing and my goal is to participate in de 2024/2025 game jam. The unity tutorial for beginners was incredibly helpful

  2. my pc broke right before the jam : been trying to participate for like 3 years now and circumstances always get the better of me

  3. I'd love to see you do a video on World of Warcraft. It revolutionized the industry and I'd love to hear what you say about it. Been playing for 16 years now so hope to see it from you!!

  4. UVSU reminds me of a mobile game called Does Not Commute. It's a similar concept: you drive across the screen as fast as possible, and you have to dodge more and more of your past selves each time. It kind of becomes a puzzle game, where you have to strategize about how to leave your future self room to drive.

  5. "Pause to play" "One day better" and many other WONDERFUL ideas. Loved it!

  6. 11:27 reminds me a little of what the golf, although they’re pretty different

  7. that fact this guy is so popular he can single handedly bring down an entire website with a game jam is so fuckin crazy

  8. One person got depressed because their game wasn’t in the show or a video

  9. How and when do the Game Jams get announced? I have no Idea how to get into one…

  10. fun fact, in the intro part where we see the chambered fate game, rye the youtuber had the same idea

  11. I played through a bunch of the submissions with one of my friends and it's cool to get some perspective on the trends and such firsthand. Really makes me appreciate the extraordinarily clever ideas and level of polish that goes into some of the cream of the crop picks.

  12. I absolutely love Sneakerdoodle
    It's not the most refined game here, but it has so much charm

  13. I honestly surprised no one tried to make an rpg but you are the villain

  14. When a youtuber video casually suggests that you play at least the top HuNdReD games.

  15. 9:22 … no that's a lie… the sheer concept of that game made YOU tear up not me….. god damn that's so cute….

  16. Need YouTube AI to convert unpleasant British accents to accent of our choice.

  17. I wish I had enough time in a 48hr window free to be able to put something together for this type of jam, but alas, I'm not even remotely a coder, I just have ideas and just enough simple tools to help make them work. And also a dayjob, daily chores, and all the other things (including, somehow, a social life of sorts!) – is there any chance that a slow-paced/longer timeframe jam might be possible as a balance for the hectic pace of a 48hr one?

  18. i thought of a good one pokemon battles but when you enter a battle you are a pokemon in a first person fight

  19. I hope someone made a role reversed version of clue, where you commit the crime, and try to get a way with it by using fake cards.

  20. I'd bet money the games were so good this year because a lot of people had the help of AI. Whether someone is a beginner or pro as long as they know basic code and what they're looking for AI can make help make it happen 10x faster than before allowing for more time to focus on other things. I don't wanna hear anyone say "it's against the rules" as if anyone would have any idea if a dev used it or not anyway.

  21. As a teen I’ve always wanted to be a fan dev, but alas I’m nearing my 30’s and I’m just a factory worker, but oh well. At least I get to see a bunch of other peoples amazing work 😊

  22. I look forward to these vids every year, so much talent on display

  23. Wish I had a lifetime to play all these games. So many wonderful ideas!

  24. Game designers have to be the most creative people on the planet jeez

  25. Why does this dude soind so close to tom scott, or have i missed something?

  26. That last one was amazing! This all was sooo good. I love it.

  27. UvsU looks the best to me. that could be very frustrating. i could see that on Speedrun

  28. Is there a subreddit or discord for this game jams developers??

  29. Okay wasn't expecting to start tearing up from a gamejam video but that cat one got me 😭

  30. guys please dont download the indie games made in unity otherwise you owe $0.2 to the creator

  31. This year's game jam might be the last jam that had the most games made with the Unity engine.

  32. You should have included rye his game was obviously better

  33. wow it's very creative idea in them head's I Like the Better day is's make me have a Big Vision about Feature!

  34. sorry, as beautful as Princess Paladin looks, I'm not gonna play "escort mission: the game"

  35. Love the idea of games in "Second Person"

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