How to Catch Emperor Fish 100% Chance – Summer Seaside Soiree How to Catch Emperor Fish 100% Chance – Summer Seaside Soiree
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  1. so basically its all by chance. Sorry, but this video gives zero tips

  2. 4 days in the game and I placed 1st last day in Fish Event went 1360 lb. KG total and 1 got 5 EMPEROR (2 MEGADOLON SHARK) 🦈

  3. Bro currently I’m just fishing sharks but can I go back to an easier level and get emperor fish more easily?

  4. and u wear legend rod fishing dude -_-

    Edit: finally I get legend rod, but it take many of my resource

  5. Dude the past 20 fish I’ve had have ALL been blue I get perfect every time what am I doing wrong?

  6. Bro! I followed your direction and got Legend Fishing Rod in just 2 or 3 hours from the beginning. And I'm a F2P player

  7. Is it possible to get champion fish multiple times

  8. Sir how to connect the game to fb or google

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