1. Nah imagine maxing out everything and have everything and then u use pistol ,with other s grade gears in chapter one just to trick some 1 year old kid

  2. For y’all this kinda seems like 100x xp hacks due to being such a high level and only being level 8 in actual game and they do not have void power or anything else

  3. My favorite loudout is forcefield type A drone type b drone maxed out

  4. If he gets a magnet, it's an automatic crash 💀💀💀

  5. Everyone saying how he's got high level gear but you literally cannot reach level 366 AT ALL. He also might be using hacks to speed it up that only work on emulators.

  6. How much dollars is it to get these hacks? OHH THERE IS NO PRICE BECAUSE ITS FAKE

  7. Bro casually got to level 366 in chapter one

  8. I love going AFK in the first level for 15 minutes

  9. This is not high level gear this is hacking I do more damage than this and this right here is more than impossible with that gear

  10. One magnet is all it takes for an exploded phone💀

  11. Guardian, force field, soccer ball, Molotov’s, and lasers are my go to

  12. I played that before the strategy of this is force field and guardian

  13. I think its hacks cause he has exp lvl 366 how is it possible?!

  14. I think its hacks cause he has exp lvl 366 how is it possible?!

  15. Ahhh the advantages of high level. But trial 1-2 not tht hard

  16. Huh, Chapter 1 with high level gears 😂😂😂😂

  17. Get the shiny wrist guards to epic and play chapter 4 use the kunai I average 160k kills

  18. Menliteralmente yo cuando me aparese una mision de matar

  19. Play the main challenge level 4-3 it's a easy 170,000 kills

  20. Eu gosto de jogar o capítulo 4, é o que tem mais inimigo
    Uso bônus de ouro
    Pego uns 40k de ouro e mato mais de 150k de inimigos

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