Strongest Build In

Today we make the Strongest Build In

Strongest Tank Builds In

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  1. Mr jerome please get bullet penetration it is one of most important upgrades

  2. Press t or why those are the tree button to see what path you're going down

  3. My go to name in games is either Riptide or RiptideCT if the other is not avaioable. Besides that, great video once again, keep up the good work.

  4. Jerome da way to see all the evolution things you have to press Y

  5. the button for the tank chart is y I think.

  6. If you skip on the first vote you can choose an all melee unit that makes it so you can get higher hp, movement speed, and body damage and it is one of the most op ones if you can max it out

  7. You can press "Y" to see all the upgrade paths and branches.

  8. Day 5 of asking jerome to play monster island with lost infinity

  9. Jerome just click and hold y or z depending where you are and the whole thing pops up

  10. page 10 of caps book: its just like dad used to say jumping out of an airplane is like jumping out of an airplane

  11. Mine is dexwet12 for the first three letters of my first name then same for my last name and then my year that i was bourn

  12. I usually go for damage and penetration first, then reload and movespeed. Also putting one in regen makes a significant change to your regen

  13. its not really homing, you can just control the drones

  14. to get to that path you need to go sniper first and then overseer

  15. The name I like to use personally is Rick astley

  16. my go to name in the games are TIGERS,HONOUR or my own name NAYEM😅😜🥰🥰

  17. Auto spin with and auto fire with octo tank is good

  18. If that was a real thing I'd totally buy the autobiography

  19. Can we have a video that's just Cappy reading his ridiculous autobiography

  20. also bullet penetration is a better first option than bullet damage

  21. My go to user name is RedReaper and if that's taken I name myself XxQuartzxX

  22. My go to name is puppy with a gun idk why but its cute and scary thats all really

  23. If you hit E you don’t have to click to shoot the cannon

  24. When I started watching you I changed from Toast to Toest

  25. My nicknames and usernames in games are usualy koceto 7 or koceto 70

  26. A good tank is going machine gun then destroyer then anhihalater

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