Strongest Build In

Today we make the Strongest Build In

Strongest Tank Builds In

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  1. You missed my toe joke on stream toeroami toelami so toemorrow I can’t toell what I’ll do toe you so be ready to not toedice me

  2. U keep on playing to get your personal best and world record and also you get an achievement for getting a million xp

  3. My username is usually Guipa or Guipa_(or any kinda variation of that)

  4. Go to name for both is either sitecactus1245 or Senorcactus1245

  5. Bullet penetration is the best stat in my opinion

  6. If u get spike with max health then you can survive 1 or 2 hits from the strongest bullet

  7. my personal favorite IO game is toeby mcguire

  8. i thought u where never going to play this game again

  9. The reason they keep playing its because it's the aim of the game to get as much score as possible

  10. Something with toes, honestly thinking about making it toern leaf.

  11. the button to see all of the upgrades is Y

  12. y brings up the wheel of all the routes

  13. Cappy B's famous quote "them decepticons"

  14. the pink triangles are not tank made. in the middle of the map, there are gigantic pentagon's that give an insane amount of points when destroyed but are protected by the small homing pink triangles.

  15. God loves all of us so much He came in the flesh to die and rise so that if we choose to accept Jesus as our one true Savior turning from our sins we may be gifted eternal salvation through Christ’s perfect sacrifice on the cross. Have a great day

  16. Oh the nostalgia! Glad to see this on the channel!

    The Auto tank should generally be :
    Max bullet damage
    Max bullet penetration
    Max bullet reload speed
    Max, or 5 minimum, bullet speed
    And Max Speed

    The tank is very slow, the most dangerous tanks for you will be snipers, overlord/overseer, and destroyers; however, with movement speed you can run from most of them while focusing fire in their general location (occasionally getting a kill)

  17. You should try to do the flank guard route and get to auto 5 (also reload makes it op)

  18. There's an arrow that points to the number 1 guy so you can avoid him

  19. Day 44 of asking Jerome to play halo infinite

  20. If you hold Y, it shows you the paths in a circular pattern around your tank. If you hold U, while upgrading, you can automatically set which upgrades your points go into. E is auto-fire, while C is auto-spin

  21. My user name in every game is something to do with water like aqua, water,wateraqua,aquawater.

  22. By the way, if you want to stop the destroyer class from 1 shotting you, you need an anti ram build : 5 upgrades into health minimum, and 5 upgrades into body damage minimum

    Health and body damage both give you more health, while body damage doubles as ramming damage and lowering the damage you take by hitting things with your tank

  23. You should get penetration maxed, it makes you do a lot more damage and you have more pierce when farming.

  24. my goto name for .io games in toetally rad and my goto name for games in genaral is antclan or antclanleader

  25. my .io game namw always was T haha i played it so much some people even knew me everyday every game people wanted to team until i stopped then i came back and everyting was normal again more fun haha

  26. If you go into bullets, I reccomend higher bullet penetration because that allows you to stop other bullets, pentrate theirs and still kill them.

  27. Bruh what are you 7?? Who still plays this dog crap of a game😂💀

  28. Toetoedile is the main name I use for io games

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