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Today we make the Strongest Build In

Strongest Tank Builds In

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  1. Auto tank, use the trapper. Go for tri trapper.
    Max bullet damage
    Max bullet penetration
    Max health
    Max regen
    Auto fire and auto spin makes a perfect circle around you. And if your actually there. Your pretty Much Gara of the sand

  2. Jeromes too friendly, if you get one kill you get so much exp

  3. Jerome if you see this if you miss the first evolution then you can get destroyer

  4. For either one of those my first pick is zeno but if that doesn't work I use zeno_glich

  5. Yo the editor changed since I last saw

  6. jerome max out 5 (bullet penetration). I play this game a lot and trust me it is the one you want to go for first. (next go for damage then reload/speed and depending on what build you want do speed or max health and body damage because these two builds are the most versatile and work for pretty much all the tanks)

  7. there are also some shortcuts: y to see all the paths, u to choose your upgrades in advance so u dont have to upgrade mid-battle, and m which does the same as u but does the whole thing (all of one upgrade instead of doing one at a time) and the others c and e you know about

  8. The unkillable penta build:
    1 regen
    2 health
    2 ram dmg
    0 bullet speed
    7 bullet durability
    7 bullet dmg
    7 reload
    7 speed

    This can defend against anything other than destroyer-type tanks, run away if you see one, someone else will kill them for you.

    When fighting a factory try to corner them in a wall/maze and slightly dodge their bullets.

    When fighting drone users / rammers, if you cant see them then shoot once behind you and once infront of you, repeat that indefinitely until opponent is dead.

    If traveling through tight spaces allways shoot the direction you move to counter invisible rammers

    Don’t trust anyone, they can accidentally kill you.

  9. Hey Jerome, you should make your own SMP where you can eat certain types of cookies that once you eat one, you get a power or buff. and you can upgrade their tiers to make the ability/power better, I feel like that would be a cool series

  10. Ill try to get everything maxed but choose the best in the early game

  11. Did you know 3 penetration in same as max damage so you should always max penetration first.

  12. For me it's something like Lucky Duckie or Flying Trying I like alliteration.

  13. Usually I upgrade my penetration and damage up to lvl 5 each, then my reload and movement. I then make them all lvl 6 and start adding on bullet speed and finally upgrade to hybrid with reload and movement maxed. Damage and penetration lvl 6 with my bullet velocity also maxed. This is my just for fun, kinda sweaty, challenging build. It's a crap ton of fun

  14. you should get verified man you could earn a lot

  15. welll…upgrade all the bullet's upgrade to max,then shoot!

  16. my goto username is pabel22 my friend called me pabel for a while and i just stuck with it

  17. Lmao when he upgraded bullet speed before maxing penetration and damage

  18. thoes "homeing missles" aree just moving doridos they are not controled by anyone

  19. u look like a villager from minecraft😐

  20. Boring, you got to put your points in Bullet penetration

  21. mu best build is max damage max reload max healing max speed thats my best

  22. U need this annihilator max damage max bullet pen max bullet speed and reaload

  23. Auto spin is really good for octo tank since you’re not really shooting anywhere in particular so you might as well shoot everywhere.

  24. You gotta have bullet penetration because then it penetrates other people’s bullets. When you’re in a shooting match and the other person has way more penetration then you, you’re not gonna hit them.

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