Slow Roads .io – Endless Procedurally Generated In-Browser Driving Game!

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  1. This is lonely highway from the manga β€œloose money to become a tycoon”

  2. This was fun. I enjoyed trying it. I'd love to see damage modelling and some more structures, and Apollo lunar modules on the Moon etc.

  3. This game has a lot of potential, hope it gets updates

  4. I feel like the car to road scale is just a little off, if the road fit the huge car better it would probably "drive" better

  5. Walking to the farlands is boring?


  6. this likely has no far-lands and it just keeps moving the procedural ground below you and the camera does not lose precision by movement, so you constantly have rather low precision (more modulo arithmetic of the ground), BUT the precision errors do not increase with distance.

  7. Wow what an interesting game! Props for making it a free browser game

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  10. I'm just at the thumbnail laughing at the description imagining Kurt fulfilling his possible wildest dream by driving into an infinitely generated circle… IF ONLY THE EARTH WERE SAID SUCH SO ! πŸ˜‘

  11. Yo Kurt! Have you heard of the Outer Wilds? I bet you'd like it a lot! It seems right up your alley! It's so good! Ivw never used as many exclamation points in a single paragraph as I have this one! Thank you for being awesome for so long! I still remember absolutely loving the snark yellow text way back when.
    I wish you good luck Β¦3
    (And if you check out the Outer wilds be careful of spoilers! Its best played going in absolutely blind.)

  12. This was fun to play around with for a while. The autodrive is nice. I just wish the brakes didn't squeak.

  13. This new Spintires update is a real game changer.

  14. Kinda neat. If they had some finely tunable input and steering parameters, it could actually be enjoyable to drive.

  15. I just tried this and it's fun for a little while but the steering isn't very responsive and cars can't seem to like to go up hills. Ramming the boost key seems to help only a little and disable filterkeys in your PC settings or if SHIFT is held for 8 seconds windows will think you want to turn it on. Also if you go off road you slide all over the place.
    Sort of reminds me of Milk truck on google maps or google earth.

  16. Interesting piece of browser game. I mean, not for everyone, for sure. But I've been enjoying relaxing to this. So ty for showcasing it.

  17. Why would I play this game when I live in America? I can drive six hours for a day trip a couple states over

  18. Slow Roads?…more like Kurt's Wild Ride!

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