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The playlist of every episode!
Slither Logic 1:
Slither Logic 2:
Slither Logic 3:
Slither Logic 4:
Slither Logic 5:
Slither Logic 6:
Slither Logic 7:
Slither Logic 8:

Slither 1 and 5: CrikeyDave:
Slither 2: Pivots:
Slither 3:
Slither 4: Moob:
Slither 6: JitterJoe

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Cartoon Animated funny snake cartoon inspired by popular game SLITHER.IO. A fun mobile game perfect for streaming and let’s play. This is a cartoon animation on slitherio. The animation was produced and created by Gizzy Gazza (animated by a third party). Gizzy Gazza Logic Cartoons. Gaming Parody Cartoons!

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Epidemic Sound.
Kevin MacLeod (
All music copyright free to use.


  1. This is sus now because of 2022 about eating people’s balls

  2. Its weird the fact if they eating you "balls"

  3. "Uhm acctualy, eating balls isnt out of context"🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓

  4. Man, this is such a great animation.

  5. in 2022, its now weird saying balls, so “I love eating balls” will be weird to Gen Z 2022 people

  6. What happened to the budget in the third one?

  7. ¿Perdóneme? Mira, no tengo suficiente tiempo, creo que estoy ocupado.

  8. i just got a ad and the player is doing a 5 iq-

  9. …..oh wow…. Now I know what is meaning of nostalgia…..

  10. I love how the drawing-quality got worse until the 5th

  11. How people like are worm and how they playing this game

  12. Right when I was watching this a slither Io rip off ad came on

  13. the way they say "love eating balls" gets me

  14. ChOnG cHINg LinG PiNG pONg PAn LINg LiNg says:

    I love eating balls

  15. “Or die and sacrifice your balls”😂

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