Should .io Games Have a Chat?

.io games originally had no chat. Over time, chat has been incorporated more and more into these games for a lot of reasons. Whether or not you believe there should be a chat depending on the .io game that you play, I’ll give you some reasons why a chat perhaps should or shouldn’t be in an .io game.

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  1. One thing I also forgot to mention is there are clones with chat but it's simply not the same feel. Chat overall can enhance the performance of an .io game, but only if it's done correctly. Otherwise, having a chat for the sake of there being a chat is not necessary.

  2. i don't think it being an io game makes much of a difference

  3. I do not like chat in these types of games, if I have to chat to friends I prefer doing it outside of it. As you said, it's a distraction. You are also not playing if you are chatting.
    I would rather invent a way of communicating within the game itself using it's mechanic rather than a chat. Reading is boring when you can do it in a visually funny/cute and understandable enough way to communicate.
    Also many abuse the ability to just write stuff, I consider that very lazy creative wise, you almost always feel out of place within the games. Also there's toxicity, and bots.

  4. Sorry I haven’t watched in a couple years, why doesn’t he like moo moo anymore?

  5. No this isn't it chief, wrong channel lmao

  6. I can only imagine what would be said in the upper left corner in Arrasio Maze, one bad take and you get swarmed. Also imagine the purity of the salt that Overlords, Annihilators, Factorys, Autodoubles, Engineers, and Landmines would say.

  7. You should make more video's like these their so interesting to listen to 👍

  8. most of the time it isn't very useful so i think it's pretty useless, i hardly ever use chat in games anyways
    also you should make more videos like this alongside your normal videos, i liked this style a lot

  9. an unneeded chat can be seen when most people do nonverbal communication, whether or not the chat is implemented yet. i remember being quite nonverbal on moomoo and finding it only good for slightly better team communicating

  10. personanly, i would wish chat existed in something ike arras, since many people team in that game
    it woluld benefit them alot
    also funny moments in arras with chat would be cool
    i do get where youre going tho

  11. Chat wastes my time so lately i have been slowing down on it… A lot, now getting high scores in 1-run games is much easier and faster

  12. oh god i forgot name game with chrono ball

  13. i have though of agario chat alot of times💀

  14. Great video ❤
    I think that it mainly depends on the community of the game. In some games it could really help but a toxic community like in scenexe just ruins it.

  15. I remember when this guy played moo moo io

  16. honestly currupt x you're amazing most io channels stopped posting 3 years ago, but you are stille going respect

  17. DAAAMN MAN havent watched you since 2017 cant Belive you still posting keep it up:) I also see you now talk in your videos

  18. And also don't forget someone say some sussy word when Ultra/Super Cockroach spawned

  19. Bro I remember watching ur first Diep turnaround video like 6 years ago and getting hooked on io games for the next 3 years. I finally found ur channel again and it’s honestly amazing that you’re still posting, good stuff bro. What do you think of the new io games? Any good ones out there you’d recommend?

  20. Io games playerbase are just little kids who are just jealous of people better than them

  21. Arras is going to have a chat this day, how should you honest react?

  22. Imagine if bonk had a way to disable chat. It would be absolutely amazing for 1v1 or ffa. Muting people is just much less effective, and people can always join the game, and distract you that way.

  23. -This is why diep io and arras io dont have a chat
    arras io : and i took that personally

  24. Decent this is! You definitely need to research SMZeus!!!

  25. This is why diepio and arrasio have NO CHAT.

    The ones watching after arrasio chat update…

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