Scary Games That Messed Up My Heart

Today I’m testing my limits with some indie horror games. I’m looking at the best selling games and seeing how scary they actually are.

I have 10 minutes to play each game, if they manage to get my heart rate over 100 then I lose, if I manage to go without getting spooked on the other hand, then the video ends!

Let me know what other horror games you’d like me to play in the comments! And subscribe gosh darn it!!!

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Video Edited by Felaani

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  1. OH what if you do this same concept but with VR horror games?

  2. The “I want to speak to the manager” jumpscare is too real.

  3. oh I forgor you hate horror games 😂😂

  4. The real horror was how badly most of those games ran

  5. "I can't outrun them?"

    Streamer/editor discovers customer service work

  6. Game about store employee was really good. Thanks for video!

  7. As someone who gets scared easily in games, watching mudan do this is weirdly theraputic

  8. If you have time, you can try Darkwood or don't escape series. Great atmosphere and not from the triple A developer.

  9. Maybe my mind is just too polluted, i read nun massacre as nun massage

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