sacrificing my pc for games (bad games)

Bad Games are back in full force!
Today qzeq jumps back into the pile of trash that is and seeks out the best of the best!
Unity asset flips, spongebob games, weird meme games, funny simulators, this site has it all!

📕 Chapters:
00:00 Intro
00:44 GTA VI Leaked
01:07 Bandicam
01:36 Cain Software
02:12 Kanye Aim Trainer & Kanye Simulator
03:02 Mr. Krabs Tax Evasion
04:00 Real fnf!!!1!1
04:40 Dwayne Johnson Dating Simulator
05:49 super bad game
06:22 Sussy CyberPunk Game
06:57 The Cook (Russian Slender)
07:58 Phineas & Ferb: The Video Game
08:38 Tollet
09:33 Outro

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  1. Mr. Krabss actually look very fun xd

  2. 6:50 you know what's funny?
    This game is named shit game ez here (in polish)

  3. 3:26 Is this a spiritual succesor to Mr Krabs overdoses on ket and dies ?

  4. That's the ,, you are an idiot" thing is an actual ransomware

  5. this is vmware so yea you didnt sacrifice your pc

  6. 6:51 it says shitty game EASY i know what it says cuz im polosh an its polish

  7. download amongus tlaking ben got killed by boyfriend from frydanighit funkin and he was made my the rocc

  8. 6:51 it actually translates from polish to this : sh*t game ez.exe

  9. 1:52 … the legend… the…. most funny virus…. YOU ARE AN IDIOT HAHAHAHAHA!

  10. Sussy cyberpunk miał polski tytuł:gówno gra xd

  11. Hey Qzeq It's Me FugitiveDEV thx for playing my game 😀

  12. the name of sussy cyberpunk game in polish is shit game ez

  13. Mr. Krabs Tax Evasion (no cap) (real) (3am) (gone wrong) (ur mom)

  14. this inspired me to download antivirus software

  15. Yo u stupid telling about our ghandi shut the stupid mouth up u idot

  16. The cyberpunk game is called "guwno gra ez" in task manager this means shit game ez in Polish.

  17. Bruh, GTA IV Leaked is only available for Android, you might use your phone!

  18. I'm not downloading that low quality Bandicam & the Cain Software! It's not save!

  19. You have played some many russian games you may as well learn the language lol

  20. Fun Fact: Bandicam Old Is A Old Version Of Bandicam

  21. In cyberpunk you can customize your character's dong size

  22. 6:51 That unity project is literly colled shitty game in polish XD

  23. Sussy cyberpunk is poland game! I live in Poland and I know it

  24. Повар (The cook) it's russian meme. And povar chased you

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