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today I play Roblox hole simulator which is like a Roblox type thing idk


  1. Something random I realized about Sunkenland is that Rust_010 Had a game called Sunken Place. Just something cool I realized.

  2. Mate, turn the damn sensitivity of your mic down or stop yelling so much. Im about to ban your channel with my kids, it just a bit over the top

  3. pov me knowing that my max capacity is at 500mil in that game

  4. I love how in almost every game he plays he always uses robux to get really good at it so he doesnt have to wait so long and then when I play it I don’t even think about spending a dime

  5. did anyone else realize the betab14ch girls name 💀

  6. SO UHH SORRY ALBERT cause i think im sunken land Lol


  8. Stutter alert still there alert Stellar alert stutter alert stutter alert

  9. Thanks for adding my Roblox character in the top left of the cover!!

  10. imagine actually spending that much Robux then getting disconnected I would cry

  11. And that’s how the creator got blessed with a unlimited amount of robux

  12. how I love the sound of an adult man having a mental breakdown because he got destroyed in a kids game in the morning

  13. My words for sunkenland: shes dumb and she p2w and if i see her i could stomp on her eyes albert is not fat albert is not fat he just has big bones

    Albert is cool

    If you read this that means you a christan

    Anti-sunkenland bugs shop:
    Grind for albert and trade him a lot-1 like
    Eating sunkenland-5
    Anti sunkenland fire thrower-100 likes and 5 subs
    A wubbox cosplayer and he kills sunkenland-100 subs
    Gun to kill sunkenland-1000 and 100 likes

  14. “How do you merge?!”
    That’s the best part, you can’t

  15. There was a word in Spanish that is a bad word

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