Remember .io Games?

.io games were once a constant in the school lives of many, and they still are in many cases. However, I haven’t had any personal experiences with these games in years, so I decided that today I’ll take a look at some nostalgic .io games.

Second Channel:

0:00 – Intro
2:13 –
3:04 –
4:20 –
5:11 –
6:09 –
7:45 – Outro
Music Used (In Order)

Sophie – Cry of Fear OST
OC ReMix Mega Man X5 Moonlight Vibin Ending Theme
Mario Tennis Status
Creative Exercise – Mario Paint
Silent Hill 2 – Noone Loves You
Tony Hawks Pro Skater Main Menu
WWF Raw Snes Style – Vince McMahon’s Theme
Gorillaz – G Bite Background Music
Tsutchie – Breezin’
Subway Surfers Theme
WCEP – Double Presentation (inst)
Worldcorp – Desist (inst)


  1. Before even watching the video "yes terror, yes I do."

  2. Io games are actually good I highly recommend them

  3. Maybe you could have a look on some clicker games. I remember playing pizza clicker on school computer to this day lol.

  4. Give me back the days when my biggest concern was when the school banned the latest io game.

  5. Man we are still playing slither and diep in school rn as we speak

  6. Agario will forever be stuck in my head

  7. Diep and Kruker are forever in my heart ❤️

  8. Man I remember playing slither io with my friend and other people says I'm naive.

  9. The best io game I have played in my lifetime is krunker io. , Gats io. , Skribble io.

  10. This was a nostalgic Trip thank u very much for this Wonderful time That u have input into this video.

  11. Bro what, how do i remember watching that video, oh god

  12. Bro survivio litteraly doesnte even have servers anymore 💀

  13. You didnt mention that 2 months ago, survivio has been sunset by Kongregate to promote their other game. They also DMCA striked a revival project made by fans just so the game could stay dead.

  14. I started playing krunker a lot near the end of last school year and got really good at it quickly. I think it's because it was a movement shooters and I love movement shooters

  15. agario wasn't released in 2015 lol, way before

  16. Absolutely love the new type of content dude! Keep going.

  17. Through out 2016 to 2019 it was a wholesome year to all Io gamers. Watching youtubers react and play but now its different story

  18. Agar io was the first and biggest childhood game ever. Jumbo was my favorite childhood Agar io YouTube channel too he really inspired me to become the skillful Agar io player, it doesn't usually work out but at least it works! 🙁

  19. I remember ab io game where you played as animals!

  20. Why do everyone suddenly make vids abt io games

  21. Dude i use to play like thousan of i.o games and lot of em are perfect

  22. Not sure if I'm just assuming, but I love the emplemon inspo!

  23. Agario was basically my childhood. It's sad to see how the game is dying nowadays…

  24. Me with not content idea belike search some die game na perfecth

  25. I didn't forget, i still remember them, but I just don't play them

  26. Diep io will forever be part of my heart
    The amount of fun and anger i had in that game is just absurd
    I had played MANY games From triple A to most anticipated India titles and i was never hooked emotionally to anything as i did to diep io
    Spinning yourself to team with people and targeting people that killed you for revenge i felt like every game slowly painted a story with visible characters in them
    I still remember being in the same team on TDM with that one person that i had battled countless times on multiple other gamemodes that was such a memorable moment for me
    To everyone that ever has played with "Kyaru" salute to you!

  27. ok buddy, you use gorillaz songs all the time in your vids, ARE YOU A FAN TOO??? 😃

  28. Please make the next video about the game zombie catchers I used to play it so much and trust me you won't regret it

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