RANKING The Top 10 itch.io Games of the WEEK! Best of Indie Games!

Top 10 itch.io Games of The WEEK! Best of indie Games! Sam’s back at it again bringing you the best of all the indie games posted to itch.io this week! If you’re looking for the top 5 itch.io games to play this week, you’re in the right place!


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0:00 – Intro: Best of Indie Games

0:59 – #10: Slime’s Adventure

02:16 – #9: Tactibo

03:25 – #8: The Light! It Burns!

04:19 – #7: Eyes in The Dark

05:21 – #6: SuperLightShoot

06:28 – Shameless Self Promotion

06:40 – #5: Painless

07:44 – #4: The Right Turn

08:33 – #3: Nightingale

09:35 – #2: The Facility

10:35 – #10: AiliA

11:40 – outro

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  1. Thanks for watching! Subscribe or I'll steal your logo

  2. Nice list bro! Please make lists specific with free or paid. And you can take one indie dev and focus on them for a video.

  3. So happy this channel exists! Small indie games don't get a lot of attention, so it's nice to have a channel putting them under the spotlight!

  4. Hey Bandsmen GAMES! Dope content. I just started a channel doing indie game gameplay/walkthroughs. I am pretty new to this genre but I absolutely love it! Any chance you can name me some of your all time favorites so that I can check them out?

  5. This is the type of video I need to get new games for my channel.
    I got a question, how did you classify the timeline based on the list?

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