Putting Ourselves In A Position To Get Lucky Territorial IO

12 Hour Clan Wars 5/6 9:30am Pacific- 9:30pm pacific

10,500 Clan Wars 5/13 9:30am Pacific

Better Territorial Link

Join the Discord, It’s a great community!

Territorial IO is a free game on PC and mobile. Hope to see you on the battlefield!


  1. FIN aka 🇫🇮Finland same with EST aka 🇪🇪Estonia.Just everyone to know🇪🇪♥️🇫🇮🇫🇮♥️🇪🇪

  2. 7:20 Hacienda & Corgi, a great team! (We don't talk about him Random Spawning)

  3. Can we get a shoutout for Grigoriu and Jayden supporting heavily and everyone else who was donating

  4. My hospitality experience proves outpatient is the happiest ward.

  5. I'm early! Let's go! I don't use to, even though I almost always comment. Didn't watch it, but I know it's a good quality video. Hope I enjoy!

  6. Day 14 of not having anything to say but leaving a comment to help the algorithm

  7. Making a quick prediction: Corgi wins both games 😈

  8. Clan wars are great, I want to see more of thoose😁

  9. Lol… Almost joined you both in the 'looking for group' channel. Still had to finish up at work though. GG

  10. fire video also Sandwich:1 Corgi:0

  11. hi corgi l love your vids but one thing, l'd really like if in your videos, not always, but more often you could add some games you lost and maybe explain why, this l think would really help us viewers to be better in the game and it's actually as fun as watching you win

  12. Could you make a video about some basic tips to get the first win

  13. Day 39 or 40 idk of asking corgi to play ksp👍

  14. 7:39 nice to see someone I've played with from the server in a video!

  15. I was Ladderburgh, really wasn’t expecting to see you in that game. Thank you for not slaughtering me immediately ❤

  16. Day 52,957 of saying that I am Albanian

  17. :10 as a New Englander seeing you start in Pennsylvania and saying that insert that surprised pikachu meme

  18. How do you find that sweet spot of troops to send out when you start? Too little preserves troops but loses interest a lot faster, but you'll be more vulnerable but have a better interest preservation in the long run. It's a dillema I can't solve

  19. that full donate by your friend to Utah was REALLY smart… it’s so satisfying to see such a “small” decision have such a big impact

  20. Corgi I really like how you played with the Corgi members this game! Maybe again?

  21. i have nothing to say but ill comment for the algorithm

  22. Hey i was Mario the guy who donated to you for you to win against the black team in the desert map gg bro

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