Project 007 – Teaser Trailer

Earn your 00 status in a brand new James Bond video game to be developed and published by IO Interactive.



  2. I can't believe the 007 franchise is coming back and being revived this is huge

  3. Strange how much this development house has sat on their laurels – lazy and incompetent.

  4. If this is anything like hitman, it’s going to be perfect

  5. Dam almost forgot about this game. Any news ? 🔥

  6. Seeing as this is recommended again i think its showing up in the xbox game showcase

  7. I hope there's a multi player mode that features 47, or better yet a bonus level where 007 has to stop him from committing a royal assassination.

  8. Man come on what about this game where does the development reach.

  9. IOI please release some kind of news soon it’s been two years and nothing!!

  10. Keeping us in suspense by omitting that guitar chord at the end

  11. To be honest I can't imagine anyone else making a James Bond game. Hitman is the closest thing to James Bond, even more so than the official James Bond games haha.

  12. I always got 007 vibes from the Hitman series. So like most people are saying, can't imagine a better team to handle a Bond game.
    Good luck IO. Don't cock it up.

  13. its been 2 years now. Any information for this game?

  14. Project 007 будет выглядеть «очень круто» по мнению разработчика IO Interactive – они прикалываются что ли? Им можно вообще нечего не говорить после шедеврального Hitman.

  15. I couldn't think of any other developer better suited to develop a 007 game.

  16. 2 years gotta be close to some gameplay at least 🤩

  17. Please take your time with this game & make sure it's a full & complete finished game on release with better live service than Hitman!😊👍🏻

  18. IOI please, do not mess this up and bring up something new and decent, if you do, ill be more than glad to support with all my money

  19. Still waiting, this is gonna be a banger! Hitman 3 was a great ending to the new trilogy. Glad IO can stretch their legs again, can’t wait!

  20. If Spidey fans have Spiderman 2, then we have something to k!ck #ss too. And this game is perfect for that.

  21. 🎶I'm just another kind of giiiiirl

    And I'm leaving for another kind of woooorld

    Shiny sky above inviting meeeee

    Don't be sorry 'cause tomorrow never dieeeeees🎶
    After all these years, you finally got your dream license, from 47 to 007, there's no one better suited than you, IO, you were always the best choice. I know you'll make the best Bond game.

  22. 007 Hitman character packs dlc is come soon

  23. Just read the latest article on this, from the CEO of IOI.
    He says that the game is still years out, the development has been going on, and that this Bond will lean more on the Daniel Craig style than the Roger Moore style. He also said that it will be less freeform like the Hitman games. Since YT doesn't like links I'm just gonna share the title of the article James Bond game Project 007 is being described as "the ultimate spycraft fantasy" search this up and you should find the article 🙂

  24. Thank you so much for the Hitman series. Good luck on your next Projects IOI the best gaming developers of all time. you made us feel Like the ultimate assassins, and now it's about time we become your Handlers.
    We will leave you to prepare.

  25. project 007:🥸🥸 project 047:🗿🗿🗿🗿

  26. Have you're amazing talented team at "IO Interactive" ever thought about optimizing Hitman-VR for all major standalone VR headsets? your title would be a absolute smash on the Quest 3, I don't have to tell you VR is an untapped goldmine quickly & increasingly growing in popularity it's starting to gain some great studio attention like, Camouflaj released iron Man VR & rumored to be developing a Batman game for Quest 2 & 3, lucasfilms released Vader immortal, tales from Galaxy's edge & Star wars squadrons. Ubisoft just released assassin's Creed Nexus also Rockstar is working to bring us San Andreas VR.. ps I've been gaming since 1995, moved from Console gaming to VR about 2 years ago & i will never switch back..fruit for thought 🙏 VR's the future of gaming.

  27. IOI please get the cutscenes right for 007. Don't do that panning still shot garbage like you did in Hitman's cutscenes. This is 007. Get it right please!

  28. I Just hope they will not follow the same confusing releasing model that they did with Hitman.

    Im a big Hitman fan and this releasing model kept me away from buying the game for very long. I buyed the game then it become "World of Assassination". I'm enjoying it so far even tho i'm late.

  29. Your servers fail to connect on my Hitman 3. Thus I can't save and can't play properly.
    I'm not buying the piece of shit in the trailer due to it. Your studio is hereby blacklisted for life.

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