Playing Games Again and Losing Hope + Reading an unusual story in the middle

A sequel to my previous analysis (). In this video I take you through some more games I once downloaded from the titular website. My goal is the find the greatest game of all time. Do I succeed? I suppose you shall be the judge. Here is my comment: ARRRRGHHHHGGHEGHEAGHGLWEALGHW.

I also got distracted and started reading a story about a strange cave, tangentially related to my Itch adventure.

So enjoy the delights of,
Peace of Mind
borb the birb
Sim Earth
“These Deerhoof Tunnels” detailed literary analysis and lore exploration
Fat Bear Week
Hippo On Elm Street
Space Madness
Space Mining Clicker
Cassetteform (or something, I forgot the name)
Woodland Chasers
How About Spikes
Super Crome
Walking Tourist
Analog Magazine
Detective Bot
And a hint about the upcoming literary analysis of sci-fi classic ‘A Time of Tungsten’ which turned into a massive ranting adventure that needs its own video.

Not going to add timestamps because you have to watch all of them as punishment for allowing these games to exist under the same sky as you.


  1. the SimEarth content went so hard. please play SimAnt

  2. Nope this game used Assets from another game called House Party


    Edit: 3 seconds in and we're already starting off strong

    Edit 2: I know I joke a lot in the comments, but I really do enjoy these rambling of yours Devin. It brightens up my day

  4. I thought that super chrome was the best, but detective bot was pretty good too.

  5. 7:25 I am confused why you fast forwarded it, it's not like we wouldn't have watch you rant.

  6. SimEarth was used as "edutainment" in my elementary school's computer lab, in 1991. The initial question on creating the world was the copyright protection, guess this abandonware version is "cracked."

  7. I'm always down for some Richard Cheese-esque Run DMC, majestic cover.

  8. man that deigo guy seems like hes got real potential in content-adjacent production. make sure to encourage him devin, itd be terrible if he never lived up to his potential 😔

  9. The sim earth game seems to be a port or recreation of the actual, official Sim earth game. And yes it was complex, the manual was like 200 pages of real scientific theory about how the planet actually works!

  10. Games and Content? You’ll find plenty of both down there.

  11. I truly wasn't expecting a sequel to the Devin debacle. But this was a nice surprise.

  12. Let us all salute Devin for his sacrifice, because sooner or later he will get a virus from one of these games. And he will have done it all for the sake of Content, Glorious Content.

  13. Greatest sequel since The Godfather Part II.

  14. This Is Content is my favourite total war YouTuber

  15. This video is only missing a southern bell and soviet scotsman.

  16. Oh there is a game like SimEarth but with better Ui called Soter.

  17. I desire time of tungsten content

  18. I have a game recommendation for you, which I would love to see you play: Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale.

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