Playing EVERY SINGLE io Game

On a gaming adventure that has (maybe?) never been done before. I, Michael, your local idiot, am going to attempt to play every single io game I can find online. Will I be successful? I think we all know the answer to that.
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  1. The ending is literally as close to real life foreshadowing as your going to get and it is terrifying

  2. When your comment gets ignored 😭 😭FROM YOUR FAVORITE YOUTUBER

  3. Okay, so in, (the worst io game) you die if you touch anything colored black. And there are circles that you can stand in and capture like TF2 control points, and if you capture one, everyone except for you dies.
    Users can make their own levels, but aren't creative and do stupid things.

  4. Will Micheal pin me…

    Prob not cuz this is a stupid comment

  5. the man, the mystery, the woman, the legend, mickle is back.

  6. That was the most Tragic story I have ever seen. Anyway great Video Dude. Loving the content you made. Thumbs Up! (Also Scribble .io is a good game)

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