PewDiePie Edit! | *I QUIT .IO GAMES* | [READ DESC!!!!]

Thanks For Watching!
I have finally quit .io games as i have tried to join multiple clans and atm there isn’t any good enough clan that wants me. i’ve been thinking of quiting a while ago but i dont really want to leave this channel, i will still be editing on this channel but it wont be or any game like that! i will do edits on cs:go, cod, random funny clips and more! i hope most of you respect my decision on this..
I Will Be Uploading Every:
Wednesday and Saturday (Well I’ll Try.. xd)



  1. Dude my clan would take you…you're the best editor and odviously a really good player…pls don't leave πŸ˜₯😭

  2. my clan would take u, Your very good dude, always here by your side dont leave us broo.. <3 Please !

  3. ;-;matt;-; but if you aren't enjoying it then it is fine and i will support you in any future content you produce… much love <3

  4. Ur one of the best io editors so don't quit or …. or I gonna….. idk but don't quit .io

  5. The render failed so some of the video will have black flickers ;-; im sry i was just to lazy to re-render..

  6. Matt. Y u quit ;-;… Anyways i will support you :). This edit was great btw

  7. Welp, I'll miss old Matt(Games)! It was nice while it last. Good luck with the "new" YT career! :v

  8. get csgo already so we can playπŸ‘Œ

  9. Honestly i respect your decision 100%. Gota is starting to bore me out too not gonna lie

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