1. I have done this thousand times than give me the world record

  2. I hear Peter parker screaming from spiderman 😂

  3. Omg you beat a couple of randomly generated players not actual people, this is like play 1 level on candy crush and cheering like you beat Mike Tyson in a boxing Match

  4. You little yell remind me of Lego anakins death scream

  5. That's like saying you want the world record on tic tac toe grow the f**k up

  6. Bro i did this too as a kid and it only took me 10 min

  7. He literally sounds identical to gru from despicable me

  8. Eu já consegui isso
    I already achieved this

  9. Yes, we are so close to extinction on this planet

  10. People who remind the j.j atomic theory!!😮

  11. No offence but that sounded like an npc was falling 😂

  12. Bro doesn’t need a translator or make sounds it’s just his way of getting excited and being happy and instead of making fun of him you need to know he is saying words and not making noises and just don’t make fun him

  13. У меня была такая-же задумка
    Но у меня никогда не получалось еë реализовать

  14. It's not even hard. This game is ifested with bots

  15. But sadly you play with bots in this game, not players

  16. Everyone says xqc, but what about ssundee?

  17. Bros so cringe thinking a shit kidd game is hard

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