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Timestamp: 0:00 – 2:50
Track: Unknown Brain – Superhero (feat. Chris Linton) [NCS Release]

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  1. bros acting like we all haven't done that before 💀

  2. Imagine you see the end and all of sudden someone kills you

  3. Bro makes this shit look easy, I tried this before and only got it once out of hundreds of attempts

  4. This is so obvious everyone already does it

  5. When you realize that all the players were just actors cause this is just dumbly not real:

  6. This kinda rare cuz ppl just kill u when they even see ur line

  7. The only problem is that it takes serious luck to pull that off, as long as nobody sees you then your fine

  8. I belive it's full or bots or else you would've been dead

  9. How are they doing this without dying? If I saw this tail, I’d smash it immediately.

  10. You forget that it does not simply work like that

  11. This would take longer than school
    7 hours

  12. Can we just talk about how the final join was exactly on the beat drop?

  13. I have tried this dozens of times and I have never succeeded

  14. I can imagine if they were real players they would get mad and questioning how they died and why only one person is in the game

  15. They made this easy now it’s no fun with boosts

  16. It's a really risky move but when it works, it works.

  17. Are you really posting a secret trick in YouTube 🤣😑

  18. This is all I ever do when I play this but it never works

  19. “Secret trick” 😒 there’s nothing secret about it

  20. пару лет назад все восхищались его прохождениями но со временем я понял что другие игроки(на самом деле это боты) ведут себя странно и когда он далеко уже ушел другие боты могли перерезать линию, этот челик просто играет с год модом или фри читами или скриптами если они вообще есть

  21. Admit it, we’ve all had dreams like this before

  22. yeah but not once has this ever actually fucking worked lol

  23. Such a secret trick, wow:| its not like everyone already knew it

  24. I always used to try this but never managed it, its cool seeing it actually be done, i was never sure if it would work or not

  25. Click bate. I wanted pink not yellow 🤧 yuck🤢

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