Oney Plays ONE MORE SCARY Game

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Oney Plays Scary/Horror (Itchio) Games with Tomar and Zach (Psychicpebbles)
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  1. Ooooooooooo daddy Tomar! OOoOOOOoO Daddy Tomar! OOOOOOOO DADDY TOMAR!

  2. Cannot believe that Chris OneyNG missed the Great Bathtub Scare of 2019

  3. I gotta admit this goes on level 5 of my spoopy meter
    1 not spoopy
    2 a little spoopy
    3 spoopy
    4 real spoopy
    5 2spoopy4me

  4. Who's watching on September 21st 1897?!

  5. Something about that voice hypothetical at the beginning of the video really got me for no reason

  6. How could you guys not tell that she was only following the outline of the pentagram?

  7. Their collective ability to recognize patterns is concerning

  8. So let me get this straight, one of the blue men group members becomes a priest and travels to skinwalker ranch. Right?

  9. Wait a minute…is this game just a reference to the "Antichrist" movie?

  10. For whoever is photoshopping a single red dot onto Pointdexter's forehead, STOP IT.

  11. This hurts because I was born in Connecticut. Oney, my lord, forgive me!

  12. Lmao Everytime I watch this video I get a lil sad when he says the thing about Connecticut but then I laugh cause CT is pretty crappy

  13. They totally glossed over the fact that the first note in the house said the parents had Amy in the basement in restraints, then they walk into the back of the attic to see her.

  14. So hard to watch them play this lol, thank God they are so funny.

  15. I am from Connecticut and I'm genuinely surprised to even hear someone mention it, it's so small and boring.

  16. I'd pay for Omar to read me an audiobook

  17. Update: Amy Schumer just officially renamed her son Gene David Fischer.

  18. I really do love the GOney Grump Chumps, but sometimes it feels bothersome to see them focusing more on the jokes than the game that is actually really good. It was a fun time nevertheless

  19. Idk about you but if I see five stones like that, I’d draw a pentagram

  20. I've developed a little habit with saying little.

  21. i love how taken aback zach looks in the thumbnail

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