Oney Plays ONE MORE SCARY Game

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Oney Plays Scary/Horror (Itchio) Games with Tomar and Zach (Psychicpebbles)
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  1. ☯𝖓𝖆𝖓𝖓𝖊𝖘𝖔𝖆𝖗☯ says:

    This video is brought to you by burt faceman

  2. Original indie-retro game based upon a plot and themed with religous mysticism? No no, your brain-leaking-from-ears-talk humor is so much more interesting, Chris. Please, skip all the parts involving thought and creativity

  3. i watched this a while ago im trying to find where they start moaning and saying yess daddy tomar

  4. Go go gadget use the stairs in the bottom right corner

  5. This is made by New Blood Interactive, please play more of their games, they’re probably the most underrated dev team out there.


  7. 4:00 Ah yes, we here in CT are quite well known for our most excellent Beast System. Nobody in America has as Satanically-intertwined Beast System as ours, I guarantee it

  8. I also know one person from Connecticut and he's dead so that's pretty spooky

  9. Tomar winces with pain whenever the priest pulls his crucifix out

  10. The amount of times I needed to leave this video to find all the references is kind of disgusting. Thank you Oney&Friends!

  11. Hearing Zach’s alarm go off genuinely gave me heart palpitations 18:17

  12. Just experienced a weird bit of synchronicity at 1:20. When Chris mentioned moonlight sonata I was at the part where Rebecca plays it in REmake. Spooky stuff.

  13. Christopher, Tomar and Zachary are my dreams boys, their gamer exploits tickle my taint and make me spit rockstar energy drink all over my children’s faces

  14. Gonna need Bob Ross to beat the devil out of it.

  15. The jessie ventura bit made me spit out my drink

  16. This game was foreshadowing of Tomar's role as Jebus in Project Nexus 2…

    Too bad we got the foreshadowing completely wrong and he ascended into the heavens before Krinkels could get him to record any lines…

  17. Wtf I’m from Connecticut 🥲 I love you guys

  18. I speak on behalf of Connecticut: if we all died, America as a whole would lose nothing.

  19. Another fun bit of Mobility Mary lore: Her scooter goes like 25mph, WAY faster than any pedestrian. She's constantly scooting up behind people and then whining at them to get out of the way.

    She also pretends as though every dog she sees, regardless of temperament or size, is a mortal threat to her.

  20. This is a perfect example of how graphics dont make a good game

  21. Them talking shit about Connecticut healed my soul

  22. I swear to fuck these guys are the last honest youtubers.

  23. i think about the concept of a "gooseboil" a lot

  24. “I think you’re a priest; not a penguin at all.” – Joshua “Tomar” Tomar

  25. I had this game could not get pass egg hunt and struggled on menu screen cause I couldn’t read

  26. I love how people say your being mean then proceed to say the wrost things to you

  27. when they started talking about the star of david everyone hoped they'd notice the simple fucking pattern, how does this game end btw

  28. Since the unholy trinity is out they should return to faith.

  29. Tomar's Iconic 32.3 cm long and 19.4 wide golden crucifix, which he likes jabbing into fan's ribs.

  30. Then standing on the direct line drawn on the floor she is traveling is nuts

  31. Wonder if they’ll ever play the full game
    They probably wont tho since they don’t seem to like lore stuff too much and theres alot of that in the game

  32. I want them to play the trilogy now that it's out

  33. "Underprivileged jewish american" imagine having a group that owns literally most of the media and has the biggest religious nepotism in history, and still calling yourself underprivileged even if its just a joke.

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