Oney Plays Games (Best of Compilation)

Featuring Black Baby, Jef, Dino Savers and other such wonders
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00:00:00 – Intro
00:00:26 – Weird Games
00:08:26 – Platforming Games
00:12:15 – Scary Games
00:21:16 – Dino Games
00:32:27 – An Epic Dragon’s Tale
00:39:49 – Black Baby
00:55:36 – Jef
01:10:24 – Bad Games


  1. >leaving out "chippo wants mucus"

  2. Apparently some loli was cut out of the original episode of Jef. When he looks at the magazine there’s a loli picture in the actual game, but when it was being edited for OneyPlays it got cut out. I’m glad they did but it’s really creepy that it was included in that otherwise cool and wacky game. I wonder if it was on accident, sometimes loli stuff comes up when looking at other porn

  3. the intro made me shoot a 4 cm little rope of jizzm

  4. Who was that woman they had on fiver?

  5. HELLicopter is my ORIGINAL IDEA and you WILL NOT copy it! And it’s only 70% based on Dethklok’s Hatredcopter!

  6. Zach thanking Chris for telling him he wouldn't fuck a big belly woman absolutely kills me, it genuinely sounds as if dozens of pounds were lifted off Zach's conscious

  7. Editor. Grow up so I can sing your new theme song.

  8. I think these guys are biased and WRONG

  9. Is it wrong that I think these range of faces at 49:23 are way funnier than what they used in the original video?

  10. Zack saying, "You aren't suppose to feel shame about your appearance." Set to this music is the most wholesome thing I've heard in a while lol

  11. 41:27 "are all babies born white?" had me laughing so hard i had to pause and question existence for like 20 minutes. fuck me bud. omg. god damn it dude. fuck lol

  12. Dino Savers really feels like a prehistoric version of Smiling Friends. Dare i say, an inspiration, even.

  13. god, i absolutely love the Dinosaur Savers thing, it's so genuine and i hope whoever made it continues to make even better stuff

  14. I love An Epic Dragon’s Tale so much. I need more

  15. “…Are we still in the bit?”


  16. You could make a "making lies about tomar" compilation

  17. I wanna see Black Baby 2: Remastered GOTY Edition

  18. Can someone please confirm whether or not the opening is a cover of rugrats all grown up?

  19. Let me into the dino island research facility PLEASE!!


  20. Why did you change zach’s face if he saw a black baby?

  21. Someone needs to reanimate Epic Dragons tale

  22. Every joke I think of now is just, “what if Zach said THIS?”

  23. 5:27 I totally understand zachs logic here a lot of games have power ups where you get inflated and can fly/float

  24. I am sad you didn't include Zach's fake banshee scream after a 3 seconds pause when he saw the monster in the crappy scooby doo game, one of my favorite moments from the itchio let's plays

  25. I call bs on the Mobility Mary clip at 16:21. She said she can't go anywhere, but I saw PLENTY of room in the oncoming traffic lane.

  26. 3:53 That maniacal laughter when the mouse gets snapped (flash back to Lyle braining rats with a belt buckle) 😳

  27. I legitimately remember playing Black Baby and streaming it on Discord, and my buddy being like "yo jack, remember black baby? you should stream that again"

  28. The epic dragon tale section of this video has me wanting the guys to just read crappy visual novels

  29. "Ew! That looks like childbirth!" -Chris O'neill

  30. Cool vid brosif 😎
    Really like the IGN gaming intro

  31. Is the opening music to this compilation the theme song from “all grown up” ?

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