OMG THIS .io GAME HAS CHANGED SO MUCH!! | Gameplay Part 9 (.io games)

OMG THIS .io GAME HAS CHANGED SO MUCH!! | Gameplay Part 9 (.io games) OMG THIS .io GAME HAS CHANGED SO MUCH!! | Gameplay Part 9 (.io games)
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  1. 21:27 you are supposed to run when you see a kraken for the love of god

  2. itss a heal stone that gives xp and heal

  3. You are the best hope you get 500000 subscribers

  4. anyone recognize master of hit a million xp frog

  5. OMG he is good but kinda bit weird for him to recognize what animal he's seeing to😂😂
    You made my day perfectly though😂😂👌still nailed it. But you need to play and play even more👍
    Make us proud😊
    Be a pro more than us.
    BTW the floating green thing is a dragon and the black one is the black dragon or BD for short and Phoenix for the fire breathing bird and the big crab is king crab. Ask me for some more information😂

  6. Pause at the home screen. He has minecraft

  7. the bear turned into a falcon and escaped XD

  8. What is bananas I'm not just hating I'm just saying that you're paying for this video

  9. ur the worst mope player in the history lul

  10. omg if you killed that frog that gave u 100k each bite…….. probably 5M xp frog why didnt u kill ittt u could of flied to it and got A STACK OF XP lol my record is only 10.04M BD for 4 seconds (Literally)

  11. I feel so frustrated 'cause he doesn't know the controls anymore..

  12. if you level up when in eagle's grasp, you can jump out by picking your animal

  13. Oh and good tip bite red people tails to get a part of their exp

  14. Considering that biting the frog gave 144k xp, killing it would theoretically give 6M+ xp

  15. MasterOv: That must be a griffin!
    Pheonix: Am I a joke to you?

  16. I think Andreea is teamed with the so-called Griffin?!!?!?!?!?

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