*OMG* FINALLY A NEW .io GAME! – Hole.io Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 (agar.io slither.io)

*OMG* FINALLY A NEW .io GAME! – Hole.io Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 (agar.io slither.io) Hole.io Is a NEW .io Game on the iPad & iPhone Where you eat EVERYTHING ON THE EARTH!
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  1. You can eat everything! And even the garden you get lots of points for it

  2. Strategy: Eat yellow posts or comes first then garbage cars etc then buildings and cars then biggest buildings that usually gets me a dub each time

  3. The park is the best place in my opinion I recommend it for you👍🏾😃

  4. go to the parks and you will get ALOT of points

  5. I would love the game if there wasn't a timer!!

  6. Eat the park second after you get size 2

  7. Is it just me or dose the video look like its sped up

  8. That not u first go cuz u haz ten star liar

  9. He got 10 points but when he finished he had 20 so he was lying

  10. This game is awesome, but since I can play it completely offline, it's not what it's advertised to be.

  11. I also got that game my first game I came last but on my second time I came first my score was 1539


    Oh, wait. That was me.

  13. Wasent first try u were already leveled up a little

  14. Fun tip if you put your phone in airplane mode and turn off wi-fi it still works…. Why? Good question..

  15. Always eat the park first, you size up at least 3 times

  16. And as soon as you see the little yellow posts, start eating them they help a lot as well

  17. you started with 10 stars "we came second in my first game ever"

  18. You need too go to the park one your middle sized and than you can eat everything in the park.

  19. The park is the equivalent of tilted towers on fortnie

  20. So just eat in the places where there's a lot of objects, once you're big enough, the parks are the JACKPOTS!

  21. How to win at hole.io
    Step 1: get to size 2
    Step 2: devour the contents of a park
    Step 3: ???
    Step 4: PROFIT

  22. It ☺😅☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺

  23. “I didnt play this game yet” You got 10/50 bronze stars already

  24. Any one else get really stressed when the park was right next to him and he didn’t devour it

  25. If you find the park at the start of the game and eat it complete you will win
    You can eat the fences too

  26. I just started playing that game yesterday and Its very fun

  27. It’s So Hard To Watch Him Play Cause He Miss A lot Of Things Like The Park And The Poles

  28. hey i remember this dude like last year ive been subscribbed back when u played agario or i think clash royal idk

  29. Tip: at start try to find a park and eat it it really helps

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