Hello, I’m Cristi123 and in today’s video I’ll show you guys the new update, which I really like where the white head is back and the op bat!
Also a 100K gameplay which was very ez to get!
Grab your popcorn and enjoy the video 🔥🔥

● Second channel

● My discord server: (where I hosted the open-lobby)

● Patreon page: (for cool modd.io challenges in-game perks)

● Modd.io Challenges Discord Server: (With up to 1000 coin prizes)

● Music which I used in this video (copyright free)

1) Diamond Eyes – Stars [NCS Release]

2) SDMS – All Those Times (feat. Mitchell Martin) [Lyric Video]

3) Kevano – Excision


  1. I dare u to hate ur fans for 1 day and rec it as cllange

  2. Lol Cristi got trolled by one of my friends. Nova u messed up big time. I'm coming for you now heheh

  3. Did you notice the bat at the conner of the map? It might be glitched or something

  4. Look like ak 47 but magnet (big item)

  5. Much sed Cristi how me apologize to Jared I've never lose a friend before in modd

  6. Cristi123 i have a chalange fore you can you play barains io in your fone

  7. Yay, I finally got to be in a video! I was DarkCyc13 😀

  8. Old braains is back?… AAAAAAAH YES I WILL PLAY LIKE THE OLD TIMES!!!

  9. Am thinking about quiting braains should I?
    Edit:the name of it will be magnet gun??

  10. cristi can you add me pls my name is KaguyaSama19

  11. Holy god the really old spot are back oh my god

  12. ty if you add me i can only accept it tommorow cause my pc is slow tysm if you add me tysm <3

  13. luv your vids i hope i can watch a new onr <3

  14. ♍♌♎♓♏🈵️🈷️🈹️🈵️🈷️💠

  15. why is this game is laggy asf for me in asian server

  16. 4:17 ???? Impossible to juke i was juking 60+ zombies i am sure you can juke them xD

  17. The item will be called the magnetic item grabber I think
    I will forever edit my comment until cristi stops hearting it
    Cristi pls stop

  18. raagis… is there on the begining video

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