Welcome to! A new .io game where you control a small car with a ball of spike attached to it. The aim is like most games, destroy the other cars and grow to be the biggest!
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Intro: Griz – Funk Party / A Fine Way to Die ft. Orlando Napier
Outro: Griz – The Anthem ft. Mike Avery


  1. are you still going to continue playing the ark Pokémon server

  2. i noticed that you have ad blocker, i thought youtubers hated ad blocker because it lowers their revenue

  3. Hey MrMeola . BRO pls you have SO many subs and only 4k VIEWS . TRY SOMETHING ELSE PLS
    Maybe vids with other aussie youtubers or even just fun games that everyone does not get bored in

  4. Mrmeola I hate you why you don't play ark pokemon 😠😠😠😠😠😠

  5. I got an NBA 2k17 The Prelude ad when the servers are down for the prelude now

  6. It was your first time so you might get better through practice

  7. The secret is………….not being you😐😐😐😐

  8. its a good start I would give "The Secret"but its better if u learn it ur self just practice

  9. omfg this is too cringey to watch have to stop watching THE CRINGGEEEE

  10. The game isn't bad your gaming skills are bad, and you always complain which isn't what people want to watch in a youtube video so plz stop

  11. U suck at the game you need to do is get a big ball and throw it and run by a person and call the ball and the ball will hit them


  13. your a noob in brutal io in March 27 2017

  14. AHA its just some ppl that get killed by nothing lol

  15. It's literally the easiest game to get king in.

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