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Simon’s Channel: is a very similar game to, except this time it’s with snakes/worms opposed to ‘blobs’. It’s like a mixture of Agar and Curve Fever. Definitely worth checking out!


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Zerkaa | ZerkaaHD | ZerkaaPlays


  1. josh.. they glow when they're speeding, not when they're growing. did you not even notice how you fucking glow when you speed up. how dumb are u mate

  2. I downloaded this game and only on my 4th go I was 3rd in the leaderboard

  3. Whats with all the Snakey simon jokes??? xDD

  4. arcade go was near Josh check him out he is good at agar and slither .io

  5. they spawned next to each but didn't notice

  6. if you go head to head with a big guy whilst your little you will win

  7. When they glow its when they are boosting not when they are growing.

  8. Anyone here looking for vik from ZRK being in viks vid

  9. i could walk through fire and fall in love,and you could see right through me…i could walk through fire and fall in love,and you'd still see through me.

  10. Zerkaa if your character in touches the end of the area you will die

  11. you guys were probs in diffrent servers most the time

  12. The big blue snake at the beginning was vik. His channel shoes josh as 14:50

  13. I was in that game! Lol! I was called Long and Slimy

  14. If u go to the end of the map u die it's shocking

  15. Casually watching from both channels 😂😂

  16. Heard Ethan wasn't in the he sidemen…He went to widemen XD

  17. Lol ive been 38,000 1st place

  18. how do u play in the same lobby as you're friends pls help much apretiated thanks

  19. Josh missed so many points right at the beginning

  20. you are literally so frustrating to watch when you play these games

  21. Yoo u guys need to stop reacting to your own tiktok and DO MORE OF THESE VIDEO ON MORESIDEMEN… PLAY MORE AGARIO

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