Most Popular .io Games 2015 (Birth) – 2019

Timeline of the most visited .io Games from the start of this genre of game with the founder in 2015,, to present day.




  1. Hi all, hope you enjoy the history lesson / flashback to the beginning of .io games! It's been an interesting journey and although overall popularity has dropped from the peak of and days, it is amazing to see how many different games there are now (i couldn't include all of them…way too many now!) and also how much the quality of the games has improved.A huge thanks to all the developers of these games and to you, who have been a part of this .io community!

  2. Also thatd why agar io other developers see and creates io games

  3. Bro, sorry for the question. but where did you get the info?

  4. Rest in peace .Io gamesπŸ˜”πŸ˜”

  5. This gives me a lot of nostalgia all the good times where games dont require money

  6. and with the decline of io games (thanks to schools) florr and digdig io are ruined

  7. Nice vid bro, big like, 0 visualitions and 9 likes lol

  8. the other .io's:you almost destroy us

    the top 5:and we dont even know who u are

  9. lol zombsroayle never made it on… Nice video btw <3

  10. and the numbers just keep decreasing… it's sad that such a big part of my life is on the decline

  11. I love it, I still can't believe slither and agar made it so far. You could predict surviv was going to explode, but I thought moomoo, zombs, zombsroyale and foes would do better lmao

  12. Crazy how fast surviv blew up. Awesome vid πŸ‘Œ

  13. CΓ³mo se llama el juego number 1.??

  14. IHASYOU you remember me I am British Gael πŸ™‚ I was so n your team in squads I found That you have a channel
    And the content of your Chanel is impresionante I hope that your challenge increase 😎

  15. I know a guy called "DataIsBeautiful" and this video reminded me of him. Though, great video as usual, but it hurts how after Fortnite's release everything went down… Now Surviv is the only hope.

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