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Welcome to! is a brand new .io game where you eat little XP points to grow bigger. As you grow bigger, you unlock more skills. Use those skills to eat other creaturs!
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– – – – – Gameplay Overview:

What is this monster mutant of a game? is a new mass multiplayer browser game, which takes concepts of and to the next level.

Move with your mouse, sneak behind other creatures and bite them for juicy chunks! Don’t let anyone do this with you! You are still too young!

When you reach a certain mass, you can choose one of the several active skills, which make you way more powerful! Activate them with Q, W, E keys. Fly, stalk your prey unseen, hide under the earth, and much more!

Test different combinations of skills to create the ultimate creature and dominate the ecosystem.

Be bold but cunning.
When you reach a certain mass, you can choose one of the several active skills, becoming way more powerful! Fly, stalk your prey unseen, hide under the earth, and much more!

There are several levels of skills. Test different combinations to create the ultimate creature and dominate the ecosystem.

The devs really want to make this an awesome .io game with tons of skills, different playstyles and strategies, creating an insane amount of fun. Help by leaving feedback on the game’s page and tell your friends about the mutation!

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  1. Blitz is a german word and translatet lightning bolt i knew that im german and learned english

  2. best build in the newest update is agility plus burrow plus pacify plus double agility plus burrow stun. burrow and go behind someone and then come out and stun them and eat them. double agility helps protect yourself because you are invincible for a bit while in the air. pacify is great if there are many people trying to attack you 🙂 Your passive should be swift strike as it lets you one hit big people after burrowing


  4. Lol, the poll is 69% yes’s, we’re so funny guys

  5. Man! U should try a singing contest! EeeeEeEeeee


  7. you should choose roar so they run away then you use lunge

  8. Lol as soon as I saw this I went and played it , -_- it not so good lol I didn’t ever grow 🙁

  9. He’s not very good at this. Honestly not the best from Blitz

  10. “Oh boy I got a lotta bogies on me,I better fly away.” Only has one person on him and they’re literally 1/4 of his size

  11. Wiz Fizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz with a z says:

    The best build is if you hack everything’s into the same build

  12. The ACTUAL best build is: Agility, Burrow, Swift Strike, Double Agility, Pacify, Burrow Stun

  13. easily the most overpowered build is sprint, burrow, poison, faster sprint, charge, and faster burrow

  14. You know why you don’t like stomp? Cause ya don’t know how to use it.

  15. Blitz: missing some lunges
    Suddenly says

    The games really laggy today

  16. To me, this game is really easy

    I get the 1st place in less than 10 minutes even in 5 minutes!!!

    My build
    Is long lunge,fly swoop,saber tooth,and roar

    First i fly and swoop to the back end of nearby player then i roar causing the player to run away exposing it's back then i long lunge to the player either leaving it really small or killed

  17. saw you play this game, thought i would give it a go so i did, less than 20 mins later i'm in 1st place.

  18. i accidently created world most ower powered creature

  19. Here's a build that got me into top 5: Lunge, (horning) Burrow, (stun) Poison, and Pacify. Here's how i did it. step 1: get into fight with player. step 2: burrow under them and stun, then lunge (if they escape use pacify and turn around and lunge) step 3: repeat process till in top 5.

  20. I got one of the overpowered builds ever! Hints, it has agility and double agility and the rest have a 1st letter of: S, F, and F B

  21. Lunge burrow (as long as it doesn’t make you blind) and charge

    Mother nature: its free real estate

  23. You combined 2 of the most unbeatable forces in the worst way possible

  24. use lunch then fly then roar is op roar scares animal and u can bite more animal if u roar the animal will runs away from u is very op they turn back then u can use lunch bite there tails

  25. Woah I like to use "8" on online games! Was that me?

  26. you should get intern and play together cuz its so much easier to kill someone with 2 people

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