Game: Farmerz – Building a Watermelon Farm!

Farmerz is a game I found on the section. It’s a site that provides maps and sometimes unique games, including this one I found. It’s a site where maps often exist. There’s not much to do in this game as of yet, hence why the video is shorter, but I still wanted to try it out and show all of this to you.

I build a Watermelon Farm. It took a while but I achieved my main goal.

Note: The game has now updated more and this is older footage before the said updates

Play here:

Music from Epidemic Sound ()


  1. What about potato farm? I thought so potatoes come first for you. :C Lol

  2. I got a squash farm and it payed off way more

  3. from pro at shooting people to a freaking farmer

  4. Unlucky there isn't potatoes in the game

  5. Few hours after this vid it git a big update

  6. Play! It got new features like fishing, giant boats, trading and upgrades! I would like it very much if u would play it and give it some more attention about how fun it is!

  7. See.
    If you putted your voice in a farming video , then it's rarely where you aren't a cutted potato.

  8. I have made the '30 sheep farm' yesterday.Every 20-30 second can earn 1500

  9. I have one more gold token than you! 🙂

  10. Love the vids! Keep up the good work. Been with you since the start. And I am still watching.

  11. I love your variety! You always give new and interesting .io games a chance! Man, you need more subs. Good luck and keep up the good work

  12. No killings? Seems too peaceful for CorruptX XD

  13. Summer is close, just seeing watermelon give me hunger lol

  14. How do you open the app up when it's downloaded? Cus all it does when I try to play it is go back to the download page

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